ESSAY ON THE MOON AND GALIYA. Page twenty-fifth: on the Soviet Union of the past and the God of the present

Soviet Union was a wonderful State. Russia was magnificent as a part of it. Back then we did not know what was going to happen. In the 80s intrusion of the Dark Forces on your land from the lower earth of Mars, which America is a part of, increased. Both the Dark energy and lower beings seeped through, consequences of which was the emergence of people that consider America an exemplary state. Eventually it all led to the world changing for worse and the collapse of the USSR. Because of it earthquakes, storms and floods settled over the world. The Moon is contemplating it even now.

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“It is no coincidence…” Article from the newspaper Arna

In one of the previous publications of the newspaper Arna we have written that snowdrops bloomed in the middle of August in Vladimirovka, which is abnormal for that time of the year. Right after the article was published an Almaty citizen that monitored the newspaper’s publications online called the editors and informed them that such an occurrence is not abnormal at all.

As it turned out Kazakhstani bioenergetician, healer and channeller Galiya Kerey has been a part of a two-way information exchange with the Higher Cosmic Powers receiving information about the world order, society that knows no ills, climate change and the planet’s future for over two decades. In her opinion a change in cosmic cycles is taking place and a new era of human development is coming about. In the new era humans will live in auspicious climate and economic conditions; time will lose its significance and morality will became the new foundation for the civilization. Galiya Kerey knows how to explain strange natural occurrences. She also has her own opinion on the future of our country.

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Latin according to Galiya Kerey’s information from the Heavenly Powers

Under such conditions when thanks to channeller-guide Galiya Kerey the connection with the Heavenly Powers has been restored and vast amounts of information from the Heavens is available, a unified universal language is needed to serve as a communication and information basis for transition to a new level of humanity’s development. Global planetary changes will promote these happenings.

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Miraculous Healing of Illnesses

Bioenergetician Galiya Kerey has been working with the information from the Heavenly Powers since 1992. This information channel has always existed on Earth, but due to various reasons it started to weaken, which led to the humanity not getting the information in its entirety from the Heavens’ worldly level, getting it from other levels instead.

Heavenly Powers’ Information for Salvation

Information from the Heavenly Powers itself is salvational, healing, capable of aiding in predicting the future and moving in the right direction not only for individuals and groups of people, but also for the humanity at large. That is why this information holds details concerning the future of some region or city, country or continent, Earth itself; details about negative zones or influence, saving humans both in literal and metaphorical sense, about bioenergetic work, about causes of illness and death and etc.

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European Union and Customs Union are collapsing

On May 28, 2010 the article «European Union is collapsing» was published on the website «European Union is collapsing». A few people were talking about disintegration of the EU then – publications on this topic have mainly appeared since 2011 and become more frequent in the subsequent years. There was noted in the article «European Union is collapsing»: «There is no connection between them, there is no a mechanism for connecting them in one organism. The EU authorities are not interested in raising living standards of the EU population. On the contrary, they want to solve their problems by stringent austerity measures that reduce the European living standards even more. It seems that this union takes into account only the ruling forces’ aspirations and desires. Regardless of whether they want it or not – Seventh Lunar Era, Aquarius Age is already here – there will be changes of the Earth, climate change, life change, but there will be no this union. The European Union is collapsing and, consequently, the euro as a currency will disappear in the near future». In May, 2010 bio-energy specialist Galiya Kazhgaliyevna Kerey said: «the Customs Union will also collapse before it even starts working at full capacity». Three years after events around the EU and CU are unfolding in accordance with the word of Galiya Kerey.

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