Latin according to Galiya Kerey’s information from the Heavenly Powers

Under such conditions when thanks to channeller-guide Galiya Kerey the connection with the Heavenly Powers has been restored and vast amounts of information from the Heavens is available, a unified universal language is needed to serve as a communication and information basis for transition to a new level of humanity’s development. Global planetary changes will promote these happenings.

A universal language is needed for the new era

Global climate changes and changes in the Earth itself – the world map is being reshaped – will also drastically change the human civilization. Changes in the humanity’s life will impact literally all facets of our life. Of course, it is crucial to be ready for such changes for one’s own survival in the transition – new living conditions require a corresponding change in the social paradigm as the new life will significantly differ from the present world order; the human values and relationships will change drastically.

Not understanding the ‘logic’ of various natural phenomena, global climate changes, such as lunar attacks, asteroids, UFO, creation of projects that cause changes in natural processes, climate weapons, space exploration and etc. can put humanity in jeopardy.

The present day humanity divided by borders, various religions, ideologies, languages, economies, war and etc. does not have a unifies language system. People often literally do not understand each other, which leads to conflicts. However, in the ‘conflict’ with natural processes that are not dependent on the humanity and its preferences, such divide and absence of the common language can lead to serious consequences.

Values and concepts of spiritual order will be essential in the era of the Aquarius. Humans will re-acknowledge many occurrences and learn to control them. The path of spiritual development will bring everyone closer to understanding the new reality. The role of ecological literacy and relationship between human and the Nature will grow. 

Naturally, during the transitioning period not only does the fast information distribution become especially important, but also so does the perfecting of communication system, contacts between countries and people from opposite corners of the world. Thus, mutual understanding between people without the help of translator must be achieved. The first in line is spreading the information from the Heavenly Powers. Modern technology, the Internet in particular – which, by the way, was created for the English language – will aid in this endeavor.

There is an ancient legend about the construction of the Tower of Babel that started at the time all people spoke the same language. The tower’s construction was interrupted by the Mars and Saturn tribes that created new languages for different people, which brought about the end to being able to understand each other freely. As a result, they could not continue the construction of the city and tower and dispersed around the Earth.

Numerous facts show that initially a unified language and a developed civilization that possessed knowledge from the Higher Powers and lived in harmony with the laws of the Universe existed on the Earth.

English is a universal and an international language

Indeed, a common language as a basis for mutual understanding and spiritual growth is needed for the Terrans in order to restore the original rational human world – civilization under the Heavenly Powers’ wing.  According to the Heavens’ information passed on by Galiya Kerey, the reformed English language in Latin script will be such language. It will be the language of the future civilization in the time of global transition when the original tropical climate is restored and the Earth renews and comes back to its original appearance. The existence of a universal language does not mean prohibiting other languages; they will be used in their regions of influence.

It is not a coincidence that this language fulfilled this function earlier, when the USA needed a unifying language that would have overcome racial and language differences that were a result of longstanding emigration to the USA. Moreover, emigrants’ languages managed to transform the original English language, making it even more flexible and open to change. The English language is still the first to reflect many changes in our life.

It is known that the global or international English (‘American English’) is vastly different from British English.

Today e-mail and the Internet are used universally and are very convenient, fast and effective means of communication. People in different countries are forced to adapt to the language and particularities of electronic means of communication that were made for the English language. English is the No. 1 Internet language – more than half of websites in the world are made in English. In order to communicate in a different language people have to resort to various technical tricks, which is not always convenient and/or fast.  All the communicational innovation divides people, leaving those who do not understand English overboard, which confirms the need for a unified universal language.

Nowadays English language has already become a universal language – the language of international communication – however, it has not become all-encompassing and available to all inhabitants of the Earth. To resolve this problem, according to Galiya Kerey’s information, it is required to integrate a range of changes into the English language.

The problem with the English language is long known, which is, first and foremost, complicated and convoluted reading rules. The English themselves understand that they have gone overboard with them. No wonder they even have a joke credited to Mark Twain: “We write Liverpool and we read Manchester”. It is hard to find such and incomprehensible variety of reading rules in any other language as in English.

Narrow the gap between pronunciation and writing of English words

That is why English is one of the hardest of the European languages to learn as there is no clear correlation between spelling and pronunciation, meaning that the same letter or combination of letters can have completely different pronunciations.

Galiya Kerey made a suggestion based on the information from the Heavenly Powers to eliminate this flaw in the English language – narrowing the gap between writing and pronunciation, minimizing the usage of graphic symbols, simplifying the spelling of the words to obeying the principle of “Write as you hear it! Say as you write it!”

Of course, English has its phonetic peculiarities. However, there are a lot of possible solutions to this problem. For example, in German there also are peculiarities, but in terms of learning it is incomparable to English as most words are pronounced that same way they are written.

This problem has been relevant for many years and is being discussed from time to time both in the UK and the USA, as well as other countries where English is widely used. For example, “a group of specialists in the UK and the USA came forward with an appeal to assemble the International English Spelling Congress with a goal to reform spelling to narrow the gap between spelling and pronunciation of English words”, informs the Chicago Tribune.

The president of the English Spelling Society Stephen Linstead focuses on many discrepancies between pronunciation and spelling in the English language. Moreover, the instances when one sound can be written in several ways or one letter or a combination of such has different pronunciations are a-plenty. As reported by Stephen Linstead, because of many irregularities in English spelling English children spend a greater amount of time learning to read and write than their age mates that speak other languages. As a positive example Linstead cited spelling reforms of 1986, 1990 and 2008 in the Portuguese language, which made the spelling and pronunciation more similar. Ideas of reforming English spelling have come up numerous times. The Chicago Tribute notes that publisher Robert McCormick who owned a newspaper in 1910 was an avid supporter of simplifying the spelling. On his initiative the newspaper used fantom instead of phantom and frate instead of freight. In the beginning of the XX century Simplified Spelling Board in the USA published the list of 300 words that were suggested for a spelling change. President Theodore Roosevelt supported the initiative but his decree was blocked by the Congress (

“Latin” according to Galiya Kerey’s information

Galiya Kerey comments on the information about the future ‘Latin’:

“Language barriers stand in the way of unifying people for the new life. They will become a thing of the past as the new universal English language (new ‘Latin’) spreads around the world. Only the good of many cultures will cross over into the new era as the legacy of the by-gone civilization.

The data about the ‘Latin’ has been received from the Heavenly powers for quite a long time. We have been searching for purely Latin language that existed in the past for several years. How were the English capable of turning ‘Latin’ into a rattlesnake? The English of now is a snake language. The English managed to scramble the spelling and reading so much that instead of one English language we have to learn two – written English and spoken English. Sounds like a joke, but it is the reality. After all, the pronunciation of the classic Latin complied with spelling. It was convenient to learn and use.

English has many ‘s’ sounds, lots of frills, but the real ‘Latin’ is not a frilly language, it is a spoken language. That is why language should be relevant, in high-demand and understandable in learning and communication. Unfortunately, in English written words are much longer than their spoken equivalent. For this reason the original Latin script or, at least, the German version which is similar to Latin script should be used.

Humanity must understand our aspiration to show the world what the Latin language and original Latin script really is – minimum of grammar and maximum of simplicity: write as you hear it. As for the Latin script, if we consider the well-known German script, it is also present in present day English.

In other words, the future ‘Latin’ is the most simple, concise and understandable language for the whole world. However, it is needed to have an extensive vocabulary and know English, be capable of reading and comprehending it, as well as knowing the translation into ‘Latin’, which uses two letters (O o and U u) with umlaut from German and sound like Russian ‘ё’ (‘yo’) and ‘ю’ (‘yu’).

Reformed English will cause difficulties with reading legacy writing in old script, but it is an easily solved problem – the transition to the new script can be carried out at pace.

Here are several examples of transitioning of English words to the new ‘Latin’: daughter – dоtе (possible spelling); knowledge – nolеdzh; school – skul; blackboard – blеkbod; meatball – mitbol. 

In certain instances it is better to use orthoepic standards instead of adding new letters, such as in ‘weather’ – ‘wese’. Many nuances in translation will be defined in accordance with similarities between German and Latin script. They will also be defined by the Heavenly Powers, as will be the source of every waterbody that will appear on the Earth…”

Dastan Eldesov

2 June 2018


P.S. An outside perspective:

“The Babylonians were building a fortress, thought Anglo-Saxons looking at the rising tower. However, the Ancient Greek were building a fair and humane society for the people of the Earth. At that time all people spoke one common language – Latin… It was invented by gods on their planets and put into people’s minds. And then the Earth sparkled with colors of rainbow and people understood each other instantly. But evil demons and spirits thought up a hundred more languages and forced them into people’s heads. The rainbow was extinguished, people stopped understanding each other, the Great Construction of that era, the Tower of Babel, was abandoned, and people cursed each other out in different languages in lieu of bidding farewell… Since then people hire translators and learn languages; nowadays English in particular and en masse. Why? It turned out that it was sent from Above as a universal language not unlike Latin, and then it becomes clear that the article’s author is absolutely right. The article also presents something new. The main rule: read English as it is written, its reading and pronunciation is defined by Latin. What can be simpler for pronunciation than Latin? Reforming the English language using the rule mentioned above is easy. If it concerned only Anglo-Saxons, they could be fussy, but it is in the interests of all the nations in the world. This means that what Galiya Kerey and the Heavens spoke of must be accepted without question”.

Toktasin Tileu


Translated by Aya Kerey

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