Earth Shocks Happen Only in the Subway

Kazakhstani bioenergetician and Higher Powers channeller Galiya Kerey is confident that Almaty is in no danger of earthquakes either now or in the distant future.

“Over the recent years there have been many earthquakes in Almaty. They have been ‘sewing up’ the tectonic fissures”, says Galiya Kerey. “Shallow ‘ripples’ of earth shocks attest that centers of seismic activity are being neutralized. If specialists create a new seismic map, they will see a completely different image, which is none of the old tectonic fissures”.

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Energetic asteroid and the Nuclear Power Plants

Solution to the asteroid’s puzzle

As long ago as 2002 in the newspaper’s articles entitled «Asteroid» (SolDat, №17 (75), №18 (76), 2002) was published the information, from the bio-energy specialist Galiya Kerey, about the energy asteroid which will make disappear Antarctica. At that instant this information sounded as a fiction having nothing to do with reality. As a matter of fact, the majority of the information received from Galiya Kerey at first sight seems to be precisely this – unreal and possible only in the remote futurity. However, upon the expiration of some time the picture previously deemed to be unreal acquires concrete terrestrial contours.

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No Earthquakes further would threaten mankind

“Earth’s breath has been adjusted by the Heaven. Heaven will revive the Earth and the mankind. Specific gravity of the Earth will become lighter, throwing off the land of Mars, water of Mars, oil and gas of Mars and unnecessary minerals introduced into the Earth, that human beings treat as the “treasure”.

The Earth will be granted new water, oil and gas – marvelous life will be established by the Heaven on the Earth. To provide such life only necessary things will be left on the Earth.

First of all, the main thing will be human and his/her necessities of life. This will be different from the life that is going on now where the most important thing is crime, and after – human needs.

Heaven will organize new life!”

June 4, 2010

After tsunami

Since the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami there have been occurred such events in Antarctica, whereof people should know.

People suppose that the research stations available in Antarctica can help somehow. In practice they won’t be able to help. They themselves stand in need of help. They need to be taken out from there. And the sooner it gets done the better it will be. If people knew what is set to happen in Antarctica they would know what to do.

What does occur in Antarctica after the tsunami?

First, Supreme Powers call the December 26, 2004 earthquakes “repair of the Earth’s throne”. The throne of the Earth is the foundation of the Earth. Its repair is a needed reorganization in the interiors of the Earth.

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Nowadays people do not know God and do not know why in December 2004 a 9.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the bottom of the Indian Ocean and caused the great Indian Ocean tsunami and devastating disaster. Scientists make mistakes when they talk about the causes of the earthquake.

Seismologists believe that an earthquake is a natural factor that depends on the geophysical and geological processes, occurring in the interior of the Earth. Sometimes earthquakes are created by the Supreme Powers or Gods, implementing some activities on Earth. But more often, earthquakes are the punishment to people for their actions. If there is social tension or immoral swirl of mass consciousness emanating black energy, then this low-frequency energy results in earthquakes.

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