Galiya Kerey about flooding at different places of the Earth

For the last 10-15 years I’ve been transferring from the Higher Power the information about the things happening at and beyond described territories, as well as the things that will happen at special places all over the world, and where new water will appear impounding its’ own intrinsic channels.

Besides that, I provided the information that the Nature factor, that is being conducted by the Higher Power for the recovery of the original configuration of the Earth, is impossible to shut down, by making useless things, creating the many meters’ of dams and dykes.

If there wouldn’t be these man-made structures, then such flooding wouldn’t appear, except the planned one, that should have been taken place for the certain waterway must have been come.

Currently, because of these structures, water bypassing all the barriers resulted in the flooding at a place, where it mustn’t have been appeared. However, one way or another, water will find its own original shore.

Right now, this useless effort and Sisyphean task, that is being made by the mankind will result in nothing and will do harm more, than it’s needed.

About this and other stuff, I have already transferred the information, as I mentioned before from the Higher Power.
This information is available at the web-sites:,,, facebook pages:, Galiya Kerey.

Therefore, I would like to remind to everybody, that natural process can’t be shutdown.

So, the authorities had better to apply their efforts in order to help suffered locals, rather than building up the barriers on the waterways of original former channels. So, those locals could have been moved to another place, permanently abandoning previous place.

There is no need to return to the destroyed territories, it’d be better to use these materials, that are used for useless Sisyphean task, for the construction of houses, that are necessary for the constant living of the suffered locals.

So, they moving to new places can live there and occupy abandoned places, among which there are not only small human settlements, but also urban-type settlements, even towns.

After all, the new water is already coming. With certainty, it can be said that influx of water is taking place all over the world, as well as over those places that were abandoned.

If water is available, then it’s possible to revive original life at those settlements, where people were living before even due to the water shortage while being as a part of the USSR.

Moreover, the authorities had better to renovate abandoned towns and settlements, focusing on the reviving the manufacturing facilities.

Thus, former residents, that were unwillingly spread all across the Kazakhstan and even not only Kazakhstan, abandoned the familiar spots due to the manufacturing facilities’ destruction, where they used to work before. So, they might have come back to their home.

Based on the mentioned above, it would be possible to revive reputation of the former Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic…

But, please, do not think, that I want to teach SCIENTISTS, here I mean that I do not teach anybody in particular, just transfer advice and suggestions from the Higher Power to the authorities.

P.S. Generally speaking, referring to the pouring rains as a cause of the floods, is senseless.

Was it such in the past, that rainfall could result in disaster such as flood, that is currently being observed?

On the Earth there is no such an arid land like Kazakh steppe, not mentioning certain continents. Before, rain water, that was poured from above, used to be adsorbed by the soil.

Why this is not happening at the moment? Because water from the bottom is bearing up, and the rain falls helping those Forces, that drive water from the bottom. The land is dry itself to make it more permeable, so the Nature run its course resulting in rainfalls.

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