Shaking bridge

The Earth is acquiring the original position in Space, getting rid of negative energy. There was the land in the place where is the Volga River now, and that land is restoring. Nobody and nothing can prevent from changing the Earth, it is irreversible process. However, it is not Flood and not the end of the world, which is being predicted by many foretellers, scientists, but it is purifying the negative energy in the first place. We will establish the shape of the Earth like Oshak which terrestrials name «Moon» and life like on the Moon one.

The detriment from the land of the Mars, that is destroyer of life on Earth, will disappear with disappearance of the Volga River. The base of the Earth is changing now and as a result, the Earth is swelling and it caused the dancing motion of the bridge. The collapse of the bridge will not occur, the bridge has already lost its energy and it will simply disappear. The Supreme Powers will arrange this matter. It is not necessary to look for guilty persons and causes of this phenomenon.

European Union is collapsing

“There is no mechanism between them that unites them in one organism. They are not interested in standard of life of their union, in contrast, they want to solve problems of the union imposing rigorous and tough measures. It seems that this union takes into account only ambitions and desires of the authorities.

Nobody cares what authorities want or don’t want – but Seventh Lunar Era, Aquarius Age is already here – there will be change of the Planet, climate change, life change, but without this union.

European Union is collapsing and, consequently, euro as a currency will disappear very soon. “

May 28, 2010