ESSAY ON THE MOON AND GALIYA. Page twenty-fifth: on the Soviet Union of the past and the God of the present

Soviet Union was a wonderful State. Russia was magnificent as a part of it. Back then we did not know what was going to happen. In the 80s intrusion of the Dark Forces on your land from the lower earth of Mars, which America is a part of, increased. Both the Dark energy and lower beings seeped through, consequences of which was the emergence of people that consider America an exemplary state. Eventually it all led to the world changing for worse and the collapse of the USSR. Because of it earthquakes, storms and floods settled over the world. The Moon is contemplating it even now.

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Anti-crisis program

I shall concisely state the anti-crisis measures program, proposed by the Moon. It will not save us from the future shocks, but it will do so that we could survive by half. In order to come out of the recession, it is necessary to undertake some actions. However, these actions can and cannot be undertaken by authorities. They will be afraid that businessmen and oligarchs would revolt against them. Authorities are afraid of them more than of people. So what have we to do? You need to do what the Heavens say.

First of all. It is necessary to get rid of mortgage services. If it were not the mortgage, we wouldn’t have any crisis at all. Once upon a time, I tried to get through to Tasmagambetov when he was Governor, but he was deaf and dumb. As well as, Yesimov is.

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Heaven’s laws

1.Fair social system on the Earth and equal for all. Equal distribution of wealth everywhere on the Earth. They are: water, oil, gas and necessary minerals.

2.Honesty between people living on the Earth. If not, punishment is to be imposed. No armies, no murders – because such dull people capable of breaking laws will vanish.

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