Anti-crisis program

I shall concisely state the anti-crisis measures program, proposed by the Moon. It will not save us from the future shocks, but it will do so that we could survive by half. In order to come out of the recession, it is necessary to undertake some actions. However, these actions can and cannot be undertaken by authorities. They will be afraid that businessmen and oligarchs would revolt against them. Authorities are afraid of them more than of people. So what have we to do? You need to do what the Heavens say.

First of all. It is necessary to get rid of mortgage services. If it were not the mortgage, we wouldn’t have any crisis at all. Once upon a time, I tried to get through to Tasmagambetov when he was Governor, but he was deaf and dumb. As well as, Yesimov is.

Last spring we advised Yesimov about the following: If the measures, which we are talking about and known to the world, are been undertaken as soon as possible, then by the autumn the mortgage crisis will have been overcome, and the cost situation will have been stabilized totally. Mortgage is a serious error; all the countries disown it, but only the countries with weak economies and their leaders-ditherers who are actually ready to osculate with foreign investors unto death, at the instance of the latter, start mortgage programs. After that, housing prices rise by frenetic pace; prices for goods and foodstuffs start to catch up with them. Thus, the mortgage becomes underlying factor in fact of inflation and rising prices.

When the money for mortgage run out, the mortgage crisis calms down (we know it). When a new infusion of money is made into the mortgage, as a result, prices rise again and the crisis bucks again. After the second or third mortgage infusion (this happens on the 4-5 years of mortgages) begins the runaway growth of prices in all sectors in such an extent, that in a couple years it leads to stagnation and disintegration of the economy. In all countries the mortgage had the same model of mortgage crisis and the same outcome: the crisis had been lasting for about 5-7 years, sometimes more, sometimes less; then the mortgage was abolished, and it was destroying the economy and itself.

And interestingly, people did never blame the mortgage for the crisis it was causing. They considered it as a by-product of the system. Twenty years ago, Western countries found a way out. They began to replace the mortgage with subsidies or conventional loans for no more than 5 years. In such a case, housing prices would fall twice, three times, five times; prices for goods and foodstuffs would cease to grow, they even fall. And then people were perplexed, why on earth the mortgage was needed?

If you do not replace the mortgage with conventional loans covering a period no more than 5 years, the crisis will be progressing and run into a ceiling. If it were in our power, we would reduce bank interest up to a minimum, and would make the terms of granted credits no more than five years (if it is more, then the result, as the world experience has shown, is not observed, prices grow all the same). The fact that bank interest was lowered by half, and the State took possession of the bank accounts, does not change anything. Until there is a mortgage, the crisis will grow. And therefore today it is necessary to do that what was necessary to do last spring.

Secondly. The norm in the system, as a whole, must be firmly fixed financing, which would ensure minimum production requirements and wages. All should be provided by the firmly fixed financing: manufacturing enterprises and cooperative societies, construction, agriculture, transport and so on. At the same time, bank credits should play a part of additional incentives. Financing should be stable. When people get guaranteed salaries, then they work, but when they are fed with the promises of credits, they survive. At the end of January and at the beginning of February, the Moon has given a large amount of the valuable information on banking and financial systems. You will learn everything in appropriate item of the measures envisaged by the Moon.

Thirdly. The most important thing must be told to people. Transition to a market economy was an unforgivable mistake. Because of this, millions of them will disappear from the face of the Earth. If it should occur while changing the cosmic cycles, it would be nothing. But it will be happening also later on. We have already said in which way. In order to avoid additional effects, i.e., additional appropriation of dark forces we need to declare a boycott of the Government. If the authority fails to dissolve itself in time, people will be blackening at a quickened pace. Anyone who will arbitrarily want to become Prime Minister or President will be hit by God. People will understand it immediately. People do not know that the authority infects the population with all the diseases, with which it is ill itself. And as we have the authority which blackened a long time ago, as a result, people also began to turn black from long ago.

Nowadays the Moon has got too many debtors. As long ago as 10 years before Kazhegeldin had to establish a new model of the life for the whole world, but he did not even hear about. I was not acquainted with Kazhegeldin. But the Moon has been taking care of him for 12 years. The Moon has been doing it with my help. If it were not me to protect him throughout the Moon, he would be lost. The situation has changed for him in the last spring and before the New Year the fetters, which impeded him, have been taken off. When a similar thing occurs, a person notices that, if he/she really deserves it. There are some people to whom the Moon concedes generously credits. There are also the people who will enter into a new cosmic cycle, lying on the sofa. They could become leaders of Kazakhstan, and now they will go down in the world, while the other ones will become simply households. Kazhegeldin has turned to be different but he’s hardly managed to reach the destination. He will return, but by that time everything will have already been established by the Moon. He won’t become President. He will become the leader of another order. There is more to come. The opposition cannot claim the power. It will be scattered in small cabinets and will run low totally, with the exception of 2-3 persons. It was in vain that they turned away from the new model of life. It was offered to them more than once. In new conditions the power will be basically different. It will not command or control. It will run itself.

Fourthly.We will need to solve the problem of property. In general, the problem of property remains unsolved up to nowadays. The private property should be abolished instantly by means of social funding. As a result, people will be freed from barriers to light and goodness. In the USSR under the guise of public property there was the state pattern of ownership. And the state pattern of ownership could not become public. I never thought that the private property could dupe people to such an extent that they become fools for the entire life. When a person degenerates, he/she dies in the Space. It has already occurred to a cohort of businessmen who have died after coming into opposition with money. When they were asked to help us and suggested to be armed with a new model of life, they turned away from us, and now they will not be able to see us at all. It has to be said that the Republican People’s Party of Kazakhstan and the Political Party Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan have been established not vainly, but they have not managed to fulfill their purpose.

When a person owns the finances him/herself, he/she becomes a fool. When a person owns him/herself a property, then he/she becomes a fool squared. And in this square you won’t see any human shape. So what have we to do? We have to do that it was necessary to do in the year 1917. Property should be subjected to social funding, divided in equal partnership between three owners – the owner, the State and the population. In this case, the property begins to belong to everyone. It will become public.

When you learn what the public property is like, then the owners of the mansions will perceive themselves as a part of society, the social justice will be born within the society, people will begin to manage the assets of private companies, along with the owners. And it could appear at us for a long time. And then people will remain people, and instead of numerous luxury offices and elite cottages costing millions of dollars, production facilities will grow, employing people.

Fifthly. The state budget should be also subjected to social funding turning the state into the individual. That part of budgetary funds which goes to social programs and subsidies for production should belong to the population at any time. With the bankruptcy of enterprises this part of the budget continues to belong to the population and is used in another role.

If in the present time people took ownership of the mortgaged billions, they would know how to dispose of them. Now just imagine that this money actually was owned to people. Government has dipped it in the gravy. The money of the public purse is used for the mortgage, after all. This money must be allocated for providing people with housing, so it must belong to people. However, now everything looks inversely, the Government starts up this money for developing the crisis to such an extent, that it could cause the disintegration of economy, as we have told about it above.

Social funding of the budget is a principle of equitable economy. Imagine if this principle had been implemented in the time of transition to the market economy. It may seem to you that all the traditions of socialism would survive and be kept in conditions of the market. In practice, it would be different. People would understand that no market is needed to them. The market is capitalism. People under capitalism never knew what the morality is like. With it you today would be happy as anyone.

Sixthly. The Earth is a living being. If people do not love the land, the land grows scanty. And the same thing had already occurred to the picturesque and fertile land, where the Kazakhs lived in the 7th century. And the same thing had occurred also in the IX-X centuries, then in the XVII century. And this should have happened also in our days. The Earth, however, as well as a human being, has own peculiarities. If the land is loved and cared, it will give real fertility. The Huns have improved the Kuban’ land so that it gives rich harvest also nowadays. The Kazakh word “nan” (bread) is the derivative from the word Kuban. And you see what happened to the Kazakh land. It does not yield any harvest at all, you think. In practice it would give every kind of fruits even without irrigation, if the Kazakhs knew on what kind of land they are living. When the Kazakhs forgot their past, then their land took offence at them. For the first time the land took offence at the Kazakhs when the first Chinese set his foot on it. China is still nothing, I would say, but the Turks did befoul Central Asia completely, when they turned the Kazakhs into the Mohammedan faith, the Kazakh land grew scanty in half. The climate began to change. The rivers, which flowed from East to West, have dried up. The Caspian Sea, which stretched through the Aral Sea to India, has shoaled. Salt marshes appeared after, two hundred years later. And thereafter the nomadic cattle breeding began to appear. Then the nomads came. But the land of the Kazakhs was yielding always good crop without being irrigated. When the nomads – grain growers from Rus’ came, the Kazakh land took offence at the Kazakhs again and ceased to produce crops at all. And why there were the nomads-grain growers? They were achieving abundant crops, wandering from place to place.

It was in vain that Nazarbayev has introduced private ownership of land, which in the history of the Kazakhs existed never. China has felt itself a full owner in Kazakhstan. Needless to say that Kazakhstan has run into debt to China tens of billions of dollars. If weren’t God, who has prepared an overturn on Earth and in Heavens at the same time, the Kazakhs would have a rough time.

For the time being, the private ownership of land in Kazakhstan must be immediately abolished. You might rightly think that the Kazakhs have become the speculators who sell their lands all out. In the event, they have become beggars. If a society sells out lands, it means that people have stopped producing material and spiritual values and have reached such poverty that they began to sell something that is forbidden to be sold by the laws of God. People always knew about it.

And now what’s the deal with land? You can render it state-owned, but then it will be on sale all the same. But it will be on sale in accordance with the state rates, however. In order to prevent this, the land, as well as the budget, should be subjected to social funding. Owners of the land should become in equal partnership: the State, the population and the owner. In this case, the land becomes public. The land ceases to be in private possession of the owner. Population will be able to monitor the actions of the owner and the State. The State, in its turn, will take care of the land properly, and will not consider the land as its property.

It is needless to say that at any case nobody will consider the land as its property, neither the State nor the people and the owners much less. The land will be considered as a property of God. However, the land of the Kazakhs (it is not for nothing that a branch of the Moon on the Earth did exist on the land of the Kazakhs) is considered the birthplace of the great Father, and the city of Almaty is the Moon’s property or property of God. And our entire planet is the property of the Moon. And here you can see the institution of private property. If those private entrepreneurs knew about it, they would not know what to say. And now we are coming to talk about the fact that the collectivization should be introduced once again in countryside.

Seventhly. We have come to conclusion that it is necessary to re-establish collective and State farms. It is the fifth year that Gods are telling it to us. As they saw that people could be lost for good and all. Nobody ever knew it, but collective and State farms have saved Kazakhstan from dishonor. Just imagine that Kazakhstan did not have Virgin lands. Then the year 1932 would turn back to the Kazakhs from nonexistence. As it turned out, Nazarbayev gave up on delivery of meat and dairy products and did not renew the contract with Moscow and the former republics of the USSR, at that time sheep-breeding industry was lost at once.

Nobody knew what was going on in the epoch of Nazarbayev. I’ve long kept him from moving the capital to “stupid Akmola” (definition given by the Supreme Powers) three years running. Since 1995, I tell you for sure. And why it is “stupid Akmola”? As this is a city located in the area of black energy. And do you know what would happen if he had moved the capital to Akmola before? The Kazakhs would be disgraced. Kazakhstan would be divided in three parts between China, Russia and Turkey. The Kazakhs would reckon the Turks to be their fathers. If it happened, Kazakhstan would be lost in two months. And then Russia would be lost as well. And later the rest part of the Earth would become fragments which would submerge under water. Such progression of events has been predetermined by black forces. And this course of events we had to preclude together with the Moon as many as two years.

Gods have been taking care of Kazakhstan tirelessly, while the authorities doing everything in defiance. There is a peculiarity in people, which they never notice. When God gives people the energy and the new ways, people think that all this has come in itself and think they are great. This is why God doses the information and the energy coming to such people and limits their abilities. Currently it happens with everyone in order that people do less evil.

In those years, I am talking about, to Kazakhstan were constructed all the ways to the Seventh Lunar Era, to where all the Kazakhs were supposed to come before all other peoples. Innovations, which will appear soon, were due to appear in Kazakhstan in good time. In behalf of it, Kazakhstan was abundantly supplied with energy of God. Since Kazakhstan was under the protection of God, Nazarbayev was strong, lucky, and carefree and always was doing something that was a mistake to do. When he decided to cut off financing from agriculture, he surely wished to please to the Americans, who were witnesses of the fact that the agribusiness holding companies appearing in the USA bear similarity to collective farms. Having made sure that the Americans did not pay attention to it, Nazarbayev went back on his word. He began to collect the remnants of scattered farms. This lasted five years, and it is going on also now. If there were not the Moon, this process, which would take six months if the Authorities recognized their mistakes publicly, could end up in twenty years. I would not talk about all this if the program of overcoming the crisis were not designed by the Moon.

And now let’s talk about what is necessary to do with the agriculture. It’s to be done what the Moon tells to do. State and collective farms must be reconstituted in the new form, that’s to say in the form of agricultural holdings. It should be done immediately. Spring’s coming soon. It could come also in February. It is necessary to do the most important: to acknowledge the annihilation of state and collective farms as the greatest mistake of the present times. They shouldn’t have been dissolved. They should have been just reformed to State farms in order to work in full force and effect, and not just settle for public rations from the state treasury. It’s very easy to make the collective and state farms come to the new form within the former framework. Firstly, it is necessary to avow own mistakes and then to said that collective and State farms will be restored to their original state under the form of agricultural holdings, whereupon it becomes clear that we just have to reunite small, average and large farms in agricultural holdings. They should choose for them the united management, should know the level of profitability produced and the criteria of bankruptcy applied, while the State itself will provide them with financing. And that’s all? – People might ask in astonishment. Yeah, Gods answer.

And do you know that presently in the country the volume of production we are getting is 10 times less than before. Gods hear and see everything. When Gods hear one thing but see another thing, they turn away from people. When statisticians tell lies, then, for Gods the entire system becomes derelict at bottom. And what we shall obtain as a result, when we restore collective and State farms in the new form? We shall receive production five times more than today. The fact of the matter is that not only productivity will increase, environmental conditions will also change. New rivers will be flowing through the length and breadth. Spruce groves will appear where nobody waits them for, we wrote about as long as ago the last century. However, at that time nobody laughed at us. And do you know why? Because then white energy prevailed in Kazakhstan. Now you hardly can believe me. Once everything is established, then we’ll talk about it. And now let’s talk a little about finance.

Briefly on finances

Nazarbayev talks very often about world financial crisis. So, my dear readers, as the Moon says, this global financial crisis was called into existence 21 years ago. I would like to say something about what will be with financial structures. BTA Bank and Kazkommertsbank will carry out credit activities. Credit financing will become their business. National Bank together with Popular Bank will perform the functions of Bank of national economic destination, lending grants to business managers. In short, they will perform the same functions and tasks, which were performing by the State Bank of USSR. Other banks, including middle-level banks will be independent, but will serve as subsidiaries of the above banks. In general, figuratively speaking, the situation with finances and money will change so that people will be willing to throw away their currency reserves, if only to get rid of them. Only here the Heavenly accounting department works accurately. There, Angels diligently record even who owes who and how much, who owes the State, who and what stole and what was doing in his/her life.

February 22, 2009

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