Eden arrives at Almaty


«The new cosmic cycle has begun – the Seventh Lunar Era, during which are taking place and will take place the great purifications from the black energy and black powers. The Earth’s poles will change their positions. The ices of the Arctic will thaw and the Antarctica will be а disintegrated by an energetic burst. The desalting of the Oceans will take place; there won’t be anymore the salted water. The insects will disappear together with many kinds of animals and plants, while the new ones will appear. The stars in the sky will disappear as well as the mountains on the earth and the islands in the oceans, the Moon will change its face. Three suns will rise. A strong wind will blow and the waters will move. The outlines of the continents and countries will change, part of which will go over the limits. The mankind will change: people with black souls will go away and the people with neat souls will come, and their eyes and ears will be opened. And the Eden will be set in Almaty – the centre of the Earth» (Galiya Kerey).

Based on the information from the outer space over the several years Supreme Powers and Galiya Kerey have implemented the preparatory activities for the setting of the new climate on the energetic level. During the recent years those activities have passed, within the physical plan, to the plane of the practical realization; the results of such the activities are noticeable everywhere. Speaking in particular terms – the arrival of the Eden at Almaty is energetically completed, and presently there are already the first real signs and results.

Phenomenal metamorphoses

The human nature is such that the people adapt themselves so quickly to all kinds of changes both to the negative ones and to the positive ones, that sometimes they do not come to reflect upon the causes and consequences of those changes, as though it had to be so, or had been always. For instance, formerly in Almaty during the summertime there was «traditionally» the stifling heat, while the «famous» Almaty’s smog, which densely fogged the city, which was notorious far from the boundaries of the ex-capital of Kazakhstan.

And this year, notwithstanding the multiple augmentations of the numbers of cars and vehicles as compared with the Soviet times, the purification of the Almaty city aerial pond has been officially acknowledged, without mentioning the absence of the smog, heats, and acid rains. The results of the analysis of the conditions of the environment, performed by the State Enterprise «Centre of hydrometeorology of the city of Almaty» and Regional State Enterprise «KazHydrometeorology», show that the conditions of the atmospheric air, valuated on the basis of the index (API5 – the Atmosphere Pollution Index) during the first semester of the current year, this index has gone down to 0,8 units as compared with the analogous periods of the last years. As the matter of fact, in the first semester of the year 2009 the API5 amounted to 13,5, and in the first semester of the year 2008 it amounted to 14,3. As long ago as in the year 2000, Galiya Kazhgaliyevna Kerey received this information: «In the times to come the alpine-altitude skating-rink “Medeu” will emit a monsoon which will clean Almaty from the smog. The city will become an Eden (paradise)».

It is hardly believable that just few years ago the wasps precluded to us the access to the butcher’s shops, greengrocer’s shops, while the flies thronged in swarms not only into the markets; they were swarming practically everywhere. And who can recall nowadays when it was the last time that he/she found a fly in his/her soup? It’s the truth that Almaty, and the Kazakhstan in general, perceptibly liberated itself from these, as it would seem, eternal companions of the man. By the way, one of the last days, the bio-energetic specialist Galiya Kerey has succeeded in discovering the energetic chink throughout which the flies and mosquitoes steal. Before long these insects will totally disappear in the similar way in which, after such kind of «procedure», few years ago have made their traceless exodus our «immortal lodgers» – the cockroaches.

We have only to notice that just last year in Almaty there were numerous pigeons, sparrows, magpies and others. Where are they nowadays? Very few of them have remained. Have we really forgotten so quickly the irritating croaking of numerous flocks of the crows, which is not audible anymore in these times?

Galiya Kerey: «The most of the birds are «black energized», particularly the birds of prey (you have only to look at the golden eagle’s hawk-eyed glance!). Only swans, storks, cranes, and few others will remain, while new kinds of birds will come to the world. Some kinds of birds extinct long ago will revive, and on the contrary – the mutated ones will become extinct. The birds of passage are the spreaders of diseases, and they open several ways of infections in the whole world. Many of the zoological shops and zoological gardens feel the biological needs, including the needs of the domestic pets: cats, dogs, parrots, canaries, hamsters, rats, snakes and others. Only the needful animals, fishes and birds will remain. The new animals will come to the world, in particular those orthograde with the stature of about one meter in height. The reptiles and every kind of rodents will disappear totally. In the city there is lots of litter, but there are few rats, except for separate zones having black energy, where rats, wasps and mosquitoes and others can be found. The extinction of numerous seals, fur seals, elephant seals, and others is the beginning of the purification of the seas and oceans. That striking diminishment of the saigas’ population in Kazakhstan occurred in the recent years represents the same link of the global chain of change of the animal kingdom, and is not a consequence of the shooting down of the saigas which blossomed out also in the Soviet times».

In these times of the global change of climate, flora and fauna, is quite astonishing the silence of our climatologists, meteorologists, biologists, zoologists, entomologists, ornithologists and others. The events are occurring which you can see with the naked eye. It came to a point where our scientists have let slip through their fingers also the opportunity to see the evolving of the change of the celestial world.

«The stars not only grew dim, they noticeably reduced in their number. We’d rather say that the stars remained few. At the same time, the way the Moon «behaves» after the recent solar eclipse is just anomalous. There has been a time when the Moon disappeared, and after reappeared; now approaching the Earth, now moving away from the Earth. At the beginning of August of this year I have seen a moon very large, bright and as if it were shining from inside, which was not very high above the skyline. The most astonishing thing is that during the whole night the Moon was moving only in the south-east part of the sky, and not according its habitual trajectory. Formerly it occurred that the Moon was rising in one point of the sky, and during the night, passing «over» the sky, reached the other side. The same goes also for the Venus: this planet also changes itself, changes its location and the trajectory. Apropos, this planet, which is the source of the venereal diseases will be purified.» (Galiya Kerey).

Eden’s arrival: the lunar tree

The city of Almaty, from the very Soviet times was famous for its green plants, parks, and alleys. Nevertheless, those plants were damaged by every kind of vermin: plant louses, worms, caterpillars, bugs, and others. Let’s ask the contemporary gardeners about the above mentioned insects and after a short reflection they will surprisingly make you note the absence of such the insects. The green blanket of the city has been refreshed not only thanks to the purifying rains coming «according to schedule». It is doubtless that the green plants’ healing is due to the disappearance of the insects. Also with the birds’ gradual disappearing, the area of the city became cleaner.

«The trees, as well as the remainder of the Nature, will undergo substantial changes; the trees also have got different energy, the «breath» of different planets. The sample of the tree needful for the man is the evergreen spruce. The fruit-trees will remain and with them the spruces, oaks, birches, maples and others, which will alter. The elms, lime-trees, pine-trees, poplars and other will disappear. Separate kinds of trees are already turning yellow and this is the first symptom of their future disappearance or alteration. The Kazakhstani vegetable kingdom is being healed.» (Galiya Kerey).

And now let’s talk about the arrival of the warm climate holding out during the entire four seasons of the year, according to what had been said by Galiya Kerey few years ago, and also in the spring of this year. Well, in some parts of Almaty…the trees broke into blossom, while the ordinary chestnut-trees did bear fruit in September. Moreover, those trees are transfiguring.

This phenomenon of Nature has been recently supported by a sensational find: in Almaty is born a new (!) sort of chestnut-tree, which is the first new tree found at the beginning of the New Lunar Era, of whose coming has said Galiya Kerey. The «Moon Tree» is also a large one, but its leafs and fruits differ noticeably from the other sorts of chestnut-trees. The leaves of the new chestnut-tree are oblong, elliptic, and they are significantly smaller, narrower and sharper than those of an ordinary chestnut-tree, and what is more: they are located on the branch symmetrically without leafstalks, in not a few number, and as to their form, they resemble to the lemons, and do not have spines. The ordinary chestnut-tree the leaves are intricate, digitate; a leafstalk has 5-7 chestnuts on it, and these chestnuts have spines.


          New tree called «Young»                              An ordinary chestnut-tree

As Galiya Kerey says, this is a new tree, and this tree of the Centre of the Earth will be called «Young», and in the times to come it will be blossoming all the year round. This is not an anomaly of Nature, but a real metamorphosis going on in the Nature. In the Nature nothing happens by chance: the coming into this world of the new heat-loving plant is the sign of the imminent arrival of the warm climate holding out all the year around.

The chestnut-trees are very capricious and require the uninterrupted warm weather; they cannot suffer the cold and hot weathers, and droughts. They develop adequately only in warm, damp climate of the Mediterranean Region, Caucasus, Eastern Asia and on the warm oceanic shores of the Northern America. The chestnut-trees grow particularly well in Italy, while in the Middle and Northern Europe the chestnut-trees do not bear fruit at all, though they can endure frosts of short duration, as they do in the Krasnodar Region and Caucasus. The chestnut-trees there are also in Almaty. It is doubtless that the «Moon Tree» shall «attract» the warm climate and fertility to Almaty; and besides, it purifies the air in noticeable manner.

According to the information from Galiya Kerey, it results that the global changes in the climate and in the continents’ configuration will restore the original world and climate that undergone great negative changes under the influence of the black forces, since cold weather, frosts and hot weather didn’t exist in the very beginning. The purification of Kazakhstani territories by rains, which has taken place this year, is one of the links of the chain of such the changes. Also presently, the first signs of the Eden coming to Almaty manifest themselves under the form of purification of Almaty by means of elimination of the insects, rodents, birds (before long there won’t be also the beggars coming from outside, partly represented by the clandestine migrants), and by means of transfiguration of the chestnut-trees and birth of the new plant named «Young».

It is precisely in the in the Zailijskei Alatau Mountains that the Oxford scientists have placed the «Garden of Eden»: according to the results of the studies, performed with using of the newest technologies with apples’ DNA evidence, the British scientists have concluded that the first eating apples on Earth grew and were consumed here. In the opinion of certain scientists, they are as much as 6 thousand years old! As Galiya Kerey says: «The Almaty’s Aport Apple will revive, since in these times the ancestor of all the apples is on the verge of extinction. The Garden of Eden, which had existed once upon a time in Almaty (in the energetic zone this city is called Shahar), is returning now, just after the Humanity has passed throughout some phases of its development».

Agony of the human laws

Natural and technogenic catastrophes in the new millennium began to occur with a frightening frequency. Besides that, they occur together with inexplicable, if not to say mysterious phenomena, disproving all the laws of the physics, notions resisted for centuries, doctrines about the Universe, the Nature, and the Humanity.

The fires in California recurring over and over for not a few years, in this year have staggered the people not only with their unprecedented wide range. It seemed as if the fire were playing with the people: in spite of all the laws of the physics it appeared where it oughtn’t to appear, spreading itself even ….against the wind, and in a single case it left undamaged a house after having burned to the ground all the neighboring buildings.

The invasion of the insects never before known (!), called by the people as «mad ants», is being observed in the South of the USA наблюдается на юге США, reports the American newspaper Wall Street Journal. In contradistinction to the «normal ants», the «mad ants» move not following the path in a determined direction, but go swarming disorderly, and covering with a solid mass everything that lays on their way, be it plants, animals or people. The local inhabitants of Texas and Florida have become the first victims of the outsiders intruding to their houses and causing short circuits in the wiring, and it is quite difficult to expel them. The «Outlanders» destroy the sown areas, bees and poultry, to which the «mad ants» obstruct the breathing ways, by penetrating inside.

The Chief of the Ministry of the technical surveillance of Russia (RosTechNadzor), Nikolay Kutyin compared the technogenic accident occurred in the hydroelectric station in Sayano-Shushenskoye to the tragedy occurred in the atomic electro station in Chernobyl. «Considering the quantity of the energy instantaneously disengaged, and considering the quantity of the destructions, this accident exceeds that of Chernobyl», – declared Kutyin. Presently the RosTechNadzor is trying to create a mathematical model of the action of the turbine in the moment of accident occurred in the hydroelectric station in Sayano-Shushenskoye, taking into account the fact that a heavy-weight plant, 1,5 thousand tons, blew up (the weight of the whole hydroelectric generating unit is 2,69 thousand tons). «A plant weighting one thousand and half tons, despite the laws of physics, got in flight and was flying like an aircraft. We have broken a Guinness record, and now the scientists are terrified in the inmost of their hearts because the laws of the physics were broken», – underlined the Chief of the RosTechNadzor.

The thawing of the Arctic sea-ices in this year has been declared fantastical by the scientists. And it is quite understandable: since the year 1980, the thickness of the sea-ice had diminished by the 53 percent (!). Certain glaciers of the Eastern Greenland keep moving towards the sea at the speed of 25 meters (!) a day, which is twice faster than it was in the year 2005. «Fantastical changes are occurring on the Earth, and this is, evidently, one of the greater changes in the ecological conditions on the Earth since the end of the Ice Age», – says Tom Wagner, NASA Representative.

This is an important declaration, considering that the NASA, once, classified as secret many of the ecological data. This is «advantageous» for the Great Powers of the World, because otherwise they would be constrained to confess not simply their mistakes and delusions, but to confess the very crimes against the Humanity and the Nature and to suspend not only military hostilities, arms race, nuclear power, etc., but to suspend also the expansion against the Nature, intrusion to the outer space. In particular, as recently as on the July 26th of this year have become available the 4 photographs made in the years 2001 and 2007, which have been X-filed during the times of governing of the President Bush. On these photos taken from the near-the-earth space it is distinctly seeable: the Beaufort Sea, which formerly was covered with ices all the year round, for the last 6 years has almost completely lost its ice covering. The same thing has occurred also within the area adjacent to the town of Barrow (Alaska).

Apropos, the salinity (of the water and of the soil) has been already energetically eliminated, and presently we are witnessing its evidence in the real world. In particular, those great quantities of the sweet water that are forming nowadays (ice containing sweet water), contribute to strengthen the cold Labradorean stream, which crosses the Gulf Stream, and whose water density is growing fewer and fewer, and forcing the more salted and dense Gulf Stream to retire to the depths. The desalination of the waters of the Arctic Ocean due to the thawing of the arctic ices contributes also to force the much more salted Gulf Stream to recede to the depths.

The humanity behaves aggressively and criminally not only with regard to itself but also with regard to the outer space. For instance, in the times of global natural cataclysms, the USA has decided to bombard …… the Moon! The NASA has launched towards the Moon the so-called “Centaur’s projectile”, a cylindrical missile weighting 2 tons. A huge cloud raised after a potent impact of the Centaur’s projectile against the surface of the Moon shall be bio-chemically analyzed by an exploring apparatus to find the presence of water and other compounds on the Moon.

The tunnel having the diameter of 27 kilometers and hosting the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is located within the frontier zone of France and Switzerland not far from the Geneva Lake // cern.ch

Within the territories of France and Switzerland there is an area within which has been built the costliest and largest experimental plant whose tunnel’s diameter is of 27 kilometers – the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Speaking in simpler words this plant is destined to simulate the model of the origin of the Universe. The man decided to measure its strength with that of the Supreme Powers Themselves! Notwithstanding a series of accidents, which the experimenters themselves have interpreted as a warning «from on high», the scientists, however, hope to start-up this «infernal» device. According to the information given by Galiya Kerey, the destiny of the LHC, as well as of the space vehicle launching site Baikonur, International Space Station and of certain other objects is not enviable.

If in the Nature disappear or transfigure some of its substantial links, such as animal kingdom, vegetable kingdom, celestial world, water world and other, then the same lot shall befall over the mankind as the integral part of the Nature. Obviously, the first cause of the ecological catastrophe is the mankind itself. Presently it is the failure to accept by the mankind the concept of the global interconnection between the Universe, mankind and the Nature that generates the breaking of the laws of the physics in the human world, the agony of the human notions and laws, provoked by the mankind itself, for the irreversible action of the law of the Nature’s boomerang; law of the Cosmic Renewal purifying from everything dead, ill and overburden is coming.

Dastan Eldesov

September 19, 2009

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