Information of Heaven about the object between the Moon and the Sun, the last ravings of scientists, hot spring in the winter and etc.

Here is the Heaven’s information about some publications.

The object between the Moon and the Sun

«During the last total solar eclipse in 2012 a massive object appeared between the Moon and the Sun. By sight the object is bigger than the size of Earth. As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. On November 13-14, 2012 a total eclipse of the Sun was visible from within a narrow corridor that traversed Earth’s southern Hemisphere. Over the course of 3.1 hours, the Moon’s umbra travelled along a path approximately 14500 kilometres long covering 0.46% of Earth’s surface area. The video author asks a question: What is it? Is it the planet Nibiru sighting?

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Heaven’s information about an object close to the Moon

On November 2, 2012 an article called “The Planet close to the Moon is Jupiter?” was published at the “Earth Chronicles” website. It’s said that: “Yesterday, at 7.30 AM there was a bright star appearance above and on the left side of the Moon, today at the same time that star’s been seen to the right and much closer to the Moon. It captured attention by its size and not constant, many-coloured luminescence having extended shape. I made an attempt to clarify the situation using google and, eventually, realized, that even astronomers are unable to find a simple answer to this and lost in guesses.” (

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Information from Heaven

“What will occur very soon – it’s not years or even months… In order to let changes happen in the world on Earth’s unity level, creatures living on Earth, Earth’s itself and Earth’s climate and life, this job has already been done for the last 17 painful years, and as a result, has opened the path from the Heaven (Supreme Powers) to Earth.

The End has come to the dark powers that were influencing Supreme Powers before. All faults were closed on Earth, especially 2 faults called equator and meridian – all channels and trenches from bad influence of dark power are closed.

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Shaking bridge

The Earth is acquiring the original position in Space, getting rid of negative energy. There was the land in the place where is the Volga River now, and that land is restoring. Nobody and nothing can prevent from changing the Earth, it is irreversible process. However, it is not Flood and not the end of the world, which is being predicted by many foretellers, scientists, but it is purifying the negative energy in the first place. We will establish the shape of the Earth like Oshak which terrestrials name «Moon» and life like on the Moon one.

The detriment from the land of the Mars, that is destroyer of life on Earth, will disappear with disappearance of the Volga River. The base of the Earth is changing now and as a result, the Earth is swelling and it caused the dancing motion of the bridge. The collapse of the bridge will not occur, the bridge has already lost its energy and it will simply disappear. The Supreme Powers will arrange this matter. It is not necessary to look for guilty persons and causes of this phenomenon.

Heaven’s laws

1.Fair social system on the Earth and equal for all. Equal distribution of wealth everywhere on the Earth. They are: water, oil, gas and necessary minerals.

2.Honesty between people living on the Earth. If not, punishment is to be imposed. No armies, no murders – because such dull people capable of breaking laws will vanish.

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