Galiya Kerey about flooding at different places of the Earth

For the last 10-15 years I’ve been transferring from the Higher Power the information about the things happening at and beyond described territories, as well as the things that will happen at special places all over the world, and where new water will appear impounding its’ own intrinsic channels.

Besides that, I provided the information that the Nature factor, that is being conducted by the Higher Power for the recovery of the original configuration of the Earth, is impossible to shut down, by making useless things, creating the many meters’ of dams and dykes.

If there wouldn’t be these man-made structures, then such flooding wouldn’t appear, except the planned one, that should have been taken place for the certain waterway must have been come.

Currently, because of these structures, water bypassing all the barriers resulted in the flooding at a place, where it mustn’t have been appeared. However, one way or another, water will find its own original shore.

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The World Map Will Be Reshaped

Drastic changes are taking place on our planet, which is fortified by abundant evidence. It is not rare for many countries to build their political course and economy in a way that is harmful to themselves and humanity because of lack of trustworthy information and explanation as well as deep misunderstandings of these changes. Nature protection agencies, politicians, economists, scientists do not pay attention to ‘natural signs’ that have become more frequent recently.

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Surrealistic pictures of climate change

A huge “scar” length of 3 km appeared in southern Peru, in the district Huakullani, Chukuito province near the famous Lake Titicaca, at an early hour of the February 23rd, 2011. Its width in the largest part is about 100 meters. The crack has appeared almost immediately and caused the embarrassment among local residents. The exact cause of appearance of this crack is still unknown. This occurrence has caused the destruction of one of the houses located within the village community. Four members of the family have managed to timely escape, but the youngest member of the family, five-years old boy got missing.

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Chardara and Astana are threatened by floods

Here is the information obtained from the level of Moon or God as follows… Creating a new climate on the Planet is accompanied not by “side effects”, as people could say, but by needed natural and weather phenomena that could be evaluate by people as abnormal.

There is a need for frosts in nature, against of God’s will, to hedge black masses’ activity and energy that impede the new climate creation. If abundant snows and rains were also necessary for nature, against of God’s will, it would be utter nonsense. But that is the very thing for nature to saturate the earth with water and to restore the rivers and reservoirs, a countless number of which will be everywhere in new conditions.

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Nowadays people do not know God and do not know why in December 2004 a 9.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the bottom of the Indian Ocean and caused the great Indian Ocean tsunami and devastating disaster. Scientists make mistakes when they talk about the causes of the earthquake.

Seismologists believe that an earthquake is a natural factor that depends on the geophysical and geological processes, occurring in the interior of the Earth. Sometimes earthquakes are created by the Supreme Powers or Gods, implementing some activities on Earth. But more often, earthquakes are the punishment to people for their actions. If there is social tension or immoral swirl of mass consciousness emanating black energy, then this low-frequency energy results in earthquakes.

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