Lilac has begun to bear fruit!

In a series of articles we have written about changing the plant life according to the information of Galiya Kerey, the bio-energy specialist from Almaty. In particular, in the article «Eden in Almaty» (19/09/2009, we have reported the words of Galiya Kerey: Trees, as well as all the other Nature, will undergo considerable changes; trees also have got different energy, «breath» of different planets. The sample of the tree needful to humans is the evergreen spruce. The fruit-trees, spruces, oaks will remain and also some other trees which will mutate. The vegetable world of Kazakhstan is being healed. About ten new species of trees and shrubs will appear».

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Interview given by Galiya Kerey

A woman digging a pit with a needle for the New Life

It could seem that only elimination of the cockroaches in major countries would bring Galiya Kerey an outstanding merit towards the humanity. Nevertheless, even in Kazakhstan the most substantial job of the conductor of the Supreme Powers are unknown and not esteemed. It sufficient to say, that in the year of 1997, only due to the persistent job of Mrs. Kerey we were lucky to escape a destructive earthquake in Almaty, which might have caused catastrophic consequences also for the whole Earth. However, as it says: – no man is prophet in his own country… We accumulated some questions we’ve asked Galiya Kerey.

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