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A woman digging a pit with a needle for the New Life

It could seem that only elimination of the cockroaches in major countries would bring Galiya Kerey an outstanding merit towards the humanity. Nevertheless, even in Kazakhstan the most substantial job of the conductor of the Supreme Powers are unknown and not esteemed. It sufficient to say, that in the year of 1997, only due to the persistent job of Mrs. Kerey we were lucky to escape a destructive earthquake in Almaty, which might have caused catastrophic consequences also for the whole Earth. However, as it says: – no man is prophet in his own country… We accumulated some questions we’ve asked Galiya Kerey.

1. When and under which circumstances did you receive a gift of getting the information from the space and become a conductor of the Heaven (Superior Powers)?

Once upon the year 1991 I felt badly, got very sick, and, I can say, I was dying. Especially that time I received an information for the first time. This is the meaning of that information in few words: what I can do, could I withstand the burden of such a responsible and labour-intensive work for which I must dedicate the whole day and night with minimum time for sleeping. It was sort of a period of probation, checking my capacities and potentialities. That time I always took anybody to treat without asking if it was possible to treat (heal) the person (now my healings are selective).

2. What sensations, thoughts, and feelings have you experienced when you realized that you were granted such a gift? What attitude have your friends and relatives demonstrated concerning your unusual abilities?

If I have asked doctors for help during my illness, I would certainly die. Intuitively I felt that my case was extraordinary and I was ready to withstand anything. Although, a lot of things were unclear, I didn’t ask questions and for this reason sometimes I acted unwisely. The task depended on the extent of my understanding of the information – in recent years I perform my work more consciously. As far as people’s attitude is concerned, in most cases it is negative, but as it is used to say: God is the only judge..

3. The Universe, the Earth and humanity are the creatures of the Great Mind. At the same time everything that is going on now and will occur in the future is «bounded» to you, and you are the person through which Superior Powers conduct their job. Please, can you explain to our readers the «mechanism» of such collaboration? Did people with the same abilities exist in the past? What Powers (Gods) do exist: Highest and Lowest? Does the hell and paradise exist? Is there any life after death?

I think that it doesn’t matter how I receive the information. Gods do not exist. There are the Highest and Lowest Powers, among which there has always been and there is a continuous struggle. Does the hell and paradise exist? Don’t you think that the hell is the unreasonable life of humanity with its wars, crimes,oppression of the ordinary people, zombification, diseases and death? Only for the last time connection with Heaven has been cleaned and become feasible, which makes possible a “paradise” for the people having “white energy”. Energetically majority of people after death used to stick to living ones – so dead people govern people that are alive. Taking into account that the majority of dead people possessed “black energy”, it is easy to imagine what “contribution” it has made to the human life. Thanks to Supreme Powers, this “practice” is coming to an end: energetic connection with the “lowest’ world is being eliminated, and after death, the dead people will not be able to influence living ones. To the question about some predecessor of mine I would answer with the question as well: have there ever been the same global changes over the Earth in past, that are happening nowadays and will happen in the near future?

4. How have your healer’s abilities showed themselves? How do you treat people? What are the causes of diseases and death?

The causes of diseases are inside the human itself and his/her environment: thoughts, acts, energetic connections from the past life, and also due to the energetic attacks (verbal, mental, ritual – charms, evil curse, etc.) against familiar and unfamiliar people. All diseases commence on the energetic level. Even vaccinations work like a key opening the door to the dark powers (evil). Also there are causes on the global scale such as: migration paths’ of the birds, insects, energetically dirty water, food, natural cataclysms and others. The Medicine treats only the consequences, but we eliminate the causes: we cut off the «threads» of people’s diseases (and death),past lives, relatives, friends and strangers, etc. Presently, water, rains, vegetation on the Earth are getting cleaner together with fruits, vegetables, different types of food, domestic animals, in contrast, at the same time most types of insects, birds, fishes, and mammals remain in the past. Eliminating the ways of diseases (together with an old age), we open the paths of success, happiness, health and even not fixed lifetime.

5. Are there any incurable diseases? If there aren’t, then, future without diseases is possible for the humanity?

If it is possible to eliminate the causes of diseases, then the future without diseases is entirely possible. By the way, I had an experience of curing the AIDS. Do you remember one fact that at the beginning of the 90-s famous American basketball player Magic Johnson declared that he had the AIDS? I started to cure him having his photo, and in a few years’ time I heard about the sensation that “Johnson is the first man who had beaten this disease”. There was a time when I offered my service to the Almaty’s AIDS Center, but people didn’t demonstrate any interest. Probably it was a simple distrust, though doctors had to use any chance to treat such people.

6. Now in Europe, an anxiety about intestinal infection is rising. On the 2nd July number of victims has reached 50 persons, 48 of which have died in Germany. Totally, 4 thousand cases of infection have been detected in 16 countries. What caused this dangerous infection?

Do you still remember how much noise has been raised due to the atypical pneumonia, bird and swine flu? Great deal of money was spent for vaccines, many birds, pigs and other living creatures were killed. Finally, all these diseases «disappeared on their own», but not due to vaccination or treatment. Exactly under the same scenario the intestinal infection’s story is evolving now: it will end as fast as it started. At the beginning, it was considered that infection had connection with cucumbers from Spain, then the soya beans’ from Lower Saxony. But neither cucumbers, nor soya beans nor other plants have anything to do with the cause of this disease. The cause itself has the karmic nature: these infections are closely connected to the karma of the determined places, country. For instance, bird flu was spread in certain countries, particularly, in China, although neighboring Kazakhstan didn’t have any problems with it, taking into consideration the fact that migrating birds, spreading this flu, didn’t have any obstacles in the form of borders between countries. Due to the work of Supreme Powers, paths of this disease have been eliminated, and migrating birds themselves are vanishing, just some separated zones of the flu may remain.

7. In what language does the information come to you? What is the role of the language, word in human life?

From the very ancient times the great power of the word has been known. An ordinary human word, even a syllable, or sound carries certain energy, that may be used either for good or harm. In many words (names of different “spirits”) there is a hidden meaning, revealing its potential helps to fulfill some determined job and remove several obstacles interfering with Supreme Powers’ job. General information comes to me in Russian language, while the daily routine work on the energetic obstacles’ elimination comes in Kazakh language: most of the names (spirits, meanings, paths, energy, etc.) have Kazakh names. This is not a God that smiles in each word, but the powers of Evil that operate there. The languages own their origins from different planets, mostly from negative ones, it is related to Kazakh and Russian languages. The future belongs to English language based on Latin graphics.

MTA138. In your book «The Book of the Moon about New Model of Life» (written in 2001 and edited in 2004) you have written that the Aral Sea will reborn, Balhash lake, Kapchagay and other lakes will be transformed, new natural water basins will be born. As far back as that time you wrote that there would be clean, not acid rains. Indeed, your prognoses are turning true: the Aral Sea is getting reanimated, Kapchagay water’s level is rising, clean rains are coming. In contrast, forecasts of our ecologists are disappointing: Kazakhstan is going to turn to a desert. What will be the future of the Kazakhstan’s water resources?

The Aquarius’s Epoch has come and it is directly connected to water, and this is what we have been observing for the recent years. We talk about changes in the quantities and qualities of the precipitations, icy rains, snow in Africa, unprecedented floods, intensive glaciers’ melting, lakes’ and rivers’ disappearance, new natural water basins’ birth and other phenomena. This is a transition period, but new water is already coming (from the Moon replacing those coming from the Mars), together with new natural water basins’ system, which will eliminate deserts and lack water nowadays. The water does not change, but it’s just reviving its original contents.

9. In the “Book of the Moon” you have mentioned also the questions about the purification of aerial basin of the Almaty city, getting rid of «famous» Almaty’s smog and hot weather. Presently, our city’s air has become significantly cleaner, there are not any cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects almost disappear. This is for sure your merit. The citizens of Almaty are worried about seismic situation, probability of a powerful earthquake, which our special services are preparing for. What are your forecasts concerning this issue?

We have already discussed this problem in different articles, some of which are on our web site: Almaty won’t undergo any powerful earthquake. In previous years the area of our city was fully covered with fractures, but for the last 17 years of recuperative work those fractures generally have been “mended” and “closed”. Unfortunately, numerous specialists’ “forecasts” about the destructive earthquake that may occur in our city, are the negative mental sets not only for the people, but also for nature, not to mention financial, material and other losses. Actually such “forecasts” are raising a panic among the inhabitants of Almaty, what we saw this year on the 1st of May. Yes, there is a possibility for negligible earthquakes: remaining faults are removing, negative zones are closing.

10. Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources. But you tell that these mineral resources have past, present and future. This goes also for the power industry, in particular the nuclear power industry. Which mineral resources, raw materials, natural resources and power industry sectors will become things of the past and which ones will remain?

With new water coming many things are changing: soil, vegetation and the animal world. Also mineral resources change. In particular, recently in Kazakhstan new oil fields having pure oil with a minimum percentage of impurities, have been discovered. This is already the new oil coming. It’s well known, we have an oil of scarce quality because of great contents of impurities, but from now onwards we’ll have pure oil. And this new oil (and gas as well) will be found everywhere in Kazakhstan, but in the meantime it will disappear from the Caspian shelf, in particular – from Kashagan oil field. At the same time, «dirty» mineral resources, such as coal, copper, uranium and others will become a thing of the past, together with the atomic power plants and steam power plants. The nuclear power engineering and industry based on the atom will cease their existence and the uranium flume will spontaneously disappear. The power plants based on the forces of wind, water, sun, gas, etc, will develop progressively.

11. It is common opinion that the sleeping dreams are the fantastic combinations of the experienced impressions. What part do they play in your life? Do the prophetic dreams occur to you? Why we are so dependent on our dreams?

Well, one can agree with such a definition of the sleeping dreams. They are prompting you about your former life. Formerly the same dream had occurred to me often: on the shore of the Ural River I was digging a pit with a needle. Quite later I understood that it was a so-called prophetic dream which I associate now with my current sleepless and restless activity. May be in the future, when three suns will rise instead of the current one, I won’t be dependent anymore so much on sleeping, because the very extent of life and the nature of people will change.

12. Perhaps it sounds fantastical when you say that the glaciers, islands, mountains, etc., will disappear. But few days ago it became known that on a mountain slope near the town of Talgar a fracture appeared reaching 20-30 cm in widthwise and 6 meters lengthwise, which has been added to the existing fracture accounting for 7,5 meters lengthwise. What’s that? Mountains self-destruction’s beginning?

This is not a fiction anymore: glaciers are already disappearing, certain islands are sinking. Mountains will become lower and lower. For instance, the Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Western Europe, for two years «has grown down» becoming lower in height for a half a meter. This fact has been registered but sometimes such phenomenon is even not registered all around the world. The islands are the «hangers» of the forces of evil. Mountains are dark powers’ paths, as well as the glaciers. There isn’t any life there. As concerns the fracture appeared on a mountain’s slope near the town of Talgar situated in the Almaty region, this is the beginning of the self-destruction of the local heights.

13. According to your information, cardinal changes await the Earth and the beginning of them is seen by us nowadays. Which future awaits Kazakhstan? Almaty?

Widest information comes to me about the future of Kazakhstan, more than about the future of other countries, and this is not a geographical egoism. Each country originally has its own destination, which was lost subsequently. The Earth is similar to a human body: separate countries and continents of the Earth are the vital organs. Australia is the «kidneys», Brazil is the «heart», India is the «liver», England is the «limbs», and Kazakhstan is Shanyrak (top of the nomad’s tent, called the «yurt»), the «head», Almaty is the center of the Earth, the Center of the information coming from Heaven. However in Kazakhstan there are negative zones, which will suffer during the global changes.

14. What’s your attitude towards the astronautics, the outer space exploration?

The human civilization must perform astronautic flights for the economical and scientific purposes around the Earth’s Orbit (communication satellites, orbital space probes, etc.). The spacecrafts made on the Earth must not leave the Earth’s Orbit for the sake of the mankind itself. The delivery of mechanisms and equipments on the Moon and on other planets, even harmless objects of the terrestrial origin (such as devices, flags, and symbols) causes to the near-the-earth and deep space a strongest damage and is rigorously punished by the Supreme Powers. For instance, the Moon, for decades has «sunk in the tar of the moon tractor» (Soviet Moon research vehicle), and therefore the Moon punished the USSR with the degradation of its population throughout the alcohol addiction.

15. In one of your newspapers’ articles you told that Almaty is the motherland of the aport apples. Do you think famous Almaty’s apples “aport” will return?

Yes, indeed, Almaty is the motherland of the “aport” apples, and long time ago forgotten sort of apples “aport” will be definitely revived again. It shall occur very soon.

16. Most of the Internet users, particularly on forums, put the following question: why does the Moon change so often its location in the sky? And by the way, why can’t we see the stars on the sky, except a few of them, even during cloudless nights? And if the stars disappear why do the scientists fail to mention it?

The Moon, as we used to call it, actually called Oshak, carries out determined activities to clean the Earth from the black energy, and that’s why it changes continuously its location in the sky. The stars, in their majority, possess black energy and are removed due to the Supreme Powers’ Activities. The scientists hope that this is a temporary phenomenon. They are not able to give any relevant explanation, they simply have nothing to say about this phenomenon, and therefore they took wait and see attitude.

17. What’s your attitude towards the extrasensory individuals, magicians and foretellers?

All of them are the representatives of the forces of evil, and these forces endow them with determined paranormal capabilities. Influencing the people, these individuals are sowing the black energy, creating the negative inputs and programming the future, disastrous for the humanity, particularly, every kind of the «prediction» concerning the Apocalypse. The most famous date of the End of the World is the December 21st, 2012. The liquidation of this dark energy and such negative predictions is a very difficult and laborious work, which I conduct daily with support of the Supreme Powers.

18. What’s the way to determine the black or white energy in the people?

The people of the Moon and of the Jupiter possess the white energy, while the people of the Mars and of the Saturn possess the black energy. Unfortunately, initially people having “white” energy may turn dark under the influence of the forces of evil.

19. What’s the way to purify initially “white” people who went “dark” energetically?

Every person has its own predestination in this life, which, unfortunately, a lot of people loses, or just are not able to define. If the Supreme Powers see an individual strong wish of a single person to purify himself/herself spiritually, to be useful in the Activity, they give the person such a chance. With support of the Supreme Powers I remove the mouls (which are the evil accommodated on the energetic level) and the collars (input or program, that, like an energetic loop that works on energetic level resulting in: bad luck, failure, accidents, mischance, diseases, death, etc.) and I perform the energetic purification.

20. Which global changes await our Planet?

The full response to your question is given in the Article «Information from Heaven» in the section «What the Moon and Galiya tell about».

Thank you for the interview!


July 2nd, 2011

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