Rebirth of the water basins of Kazakhstan

The Caspian Sea – is an intergalactic tunel (connection) between the Moon and the Earth, initially named as the Shattyk Sea. The Earth, climate and humanity, that had been undergone a change by the “Gone with the wind”, will return to its origin. The end comes to the damage that was spread by the dark powers on the Earth, climate and mankind. The precise border of the Shattyk (Caspian Sea) has already been established.

The next sea – is the Chudes Sea (Marvelous Sea), named as the Aral Sea. The Chudes Sea was damaged deeply, therefore no development was in Kazakhstan and the world – went to the land Russian Federation. The damage’s made to the Earth on the global level. In this somatic damage the Earth was dying without needed tunel (connection) of the Jupiter. The seeds of the Jupiter, arranged to the Earth, were grabbed by the land of Saturn imposing the deadlock by the bats to the whole Earth and making tunel (connection) from the Saturn to the Earth. In simple words, the water of the Chudes Sea is the water of the Baikal Lake. It will come to its place and the tunel from Jupiter to the Earth will be established.

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Surrealistic pictures of climate change

A huge “scar” length of 3 km appeared in southern Peru, in the district Huakullani, Chukuito province near the famous Lake Titicaca, at an early hour of the February 23rd, 2011. Its width in the largest part is about 100 meters. The crack has appeared almost immediately and caused the embarrassment among local residents. The exact cause of appearance of this crack is still unknown. This occurrence has caused the destruction of one of the houses located within the village community. Four members of the family have managed to timely escape, but the youngest member of the family, five-years old boy got missing.

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Anti-crisis program

I shall concisely state the anti-crisis measures program, proposed by the Moon. It will not save us from the future shocks, but it will do so that we could survive by half. In order to come out of the recession, it is necessary to undertake some actions. However, these actions can and cannot be undertaken by authorities. They will be afraid that businessmen and oligarchs would revolt against them. Authorities are afraid of them more than of people. So what have we to do? You need to do what the Heavens say.

First of all. It is necessary to get rid of mortgage services. If it were not the mortgage, we wouldn’t have any crisis at all. Once upon a time, I tried to get through to Tasmagambetov when he was Governor, but he was deaf and dumb. As well as, Yesimov is.

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