ESSAY ON THE MOON AND GALIYA. Page twenty-fifth: on the Soviet Union of the past and the God of the present

Soviet Union was a wonderful State. Russia was magnificent as a part of it. Back then we did not know what was going to happen. In the 80s intrusion of the Dark Forces on your land from the lower earth of Mars, which America is a part of, increased. Both the Dark energy and lower beings seeped through, consequences of which was the emergence of people that consider America an exemplary state. Eventually it all led to the world changing for worse and the collapse of the USSR. Because of it earthquakes, storms and floods settled over the world. The Moon is contemplating it even now.

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Latin according to Galiya Kerey’s information from the Heavenly Powers

Under such conditions when thanks to channeller-guide Galiya Kerey the connection with the Heavenly Powers has been restored and vast amounts of information from the Heavens is available, a unified universal language is needed to serve as a communication and information basis for transition to a new level of humanity’s development. Global planetary changes will promote these happenings.

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Moon (Supreme Powers) about future and new climate

Offering you forecast of the Moon (Supreme Powers) and Galiya about tomorrow’s day and new climate of the Planet, we would like to remind you that the Moon from the words of Supreme Powers is not only closest celestial body to the Earth, but billions inhabited celestial bodies, that created human beings and human civilization therefore they are Gods for us.

Galiya, is not only receiving information from the level of the Moon and God, but also collaborating with them on a daily basis, together conducting special work that are necessary for the Moon and the mankind. Everything, that happens on the Earth’s level, initially formed by Supreme Power by means of special programs on energetic level, then, Moon and Galiya, carrying on vital work, can change these programs and adjust processes according to the desired and needed path.

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