Moon (Supreme Powers) about future and new climate

Offering you forecast of the Moon (Supreme Powers) and Galiya about tomorrow’s day and new climate of the Planet, we would like to remind you that the Moon from the words of Supreme Powers is not only closest celestial body to the Earth, but billions inhabited celestial bodies, that created human beings and human civilization therefore they are Gods for us.

Galiya, is not only receiving information from the level of the Moon and God, but also collaborating with them on a daily basis, together conducting special work that are necessary for the Moon and the mankind. Everything, that happens on the Earth’s level, initially formed by Supreme Power by means of special programs on energetic level, then, Moon and Galiya, carrying on vital work, can change these programs and adjust processes according to the desired and needed path.

New Epoch of great changes begins

Nowadays situation on the Earth is not so simple. Cosmic cycles’ shift is taking place: Sixth Lunar Era has been replaced by Seventh Lunar Era, where human beings will live in beneficial climatic and economical conditions. We are now, just on the edge, this is so unusual that can be conceived by people, when everything will happen in any case as a fact….

About New Climate of the Planet

Nobody can understand the whole majestic power of the God, but, regarding the information we have, we know that the Moon itself is not only celestial body, but the system of inhabited worlds which governs the Universe and personify itself as a God. Furthermore, the Moon as a nearest celestial body to our planet is – the headquarters of the Great Father and spiritual creatures that people called “angels”. Everything that must happen on our Planet depends on the Moon (Supreme Powers). 

There will be equally propitious soft tropical climate everywhere on the Earth. Moon or God will eliminate the black energy of the Earth’s crust and, subsequently, Darkness will be absorbed by the Light.

Geophysical cover of the Earth will alter. Glaciers of the poles will vanish. Time will disappear together with glaciers. Irreversible processes on planet’s poles have started from the autumn of the previous year, being more precise, on 11 September 2002. Particularly that day Moon began its job in Antarctica. People depending on their merits, will be granted constant age from the Moon (Superior Powers) and will leave this world only when they want. People will start to live in conditions of the New Model of Life, which will provide them with material and mental richness.

Be patient and you will see everything by your own eyes. And how it is possible to live nowadays, skipping such things? Everything comes not only from the Moon (Supreme Powers) but also from the planet of Jupiter, that is the God of the Nature and from the Venus planet, that is the headquarters of the God of the Universe and from the Sun of God and Sun of Moon that provides every form of life with ultra-high frequency’s energy or white energy. Sun of God or Sun of Moon – this is what people call Great Mind. This is highest demonstration of the God.

Concerning tropical climate’s “Spring”

The “Spring” being part of the new climate of the planet, regarding information received from the Supreme Powers, had to start in December 2002: winter must have been similar to spring and lead to establishment of the new climate. But, in contrast, true winter with freezing cold and frost appeared. Then we found out from the Moon (Supreme Powers) that people are guilty of it. People’s amorality can badly influence weather and climate. Due to this, new climate establishment goes with different deviations from what Moon (Heaven) had arranged. Heaven had to clean, during the whole winter and summer, step by step causes that were interfering with new climate approaching. All this was left in the Past. The main enemy of the Earth is planet Saturn that treats Earth aggressively and people’s amorality helps Saturn and Dark powers.

I talk about the thing that divine climatic and social conditions will appear, but people can have an opposite opinion… Today, they can observe totally different: flooding, earthquakes, fires and 40 degrees’ heat… Answer is easy: this is everything that could lead our planet to the end. It is the result of the counteraction of dark powers to the intentions of the Moon (Supreme Powers) and also consequences of the human’s amorality itself. When everything establishes and all changes occur, that Moon is talking about, then, everything will become calm.

Even if there wouldn’t be any resistance from the dark powers to the Supreme Powers, people could cause even not less troubles, because their amorality demolishes harmony in nature and society as well.

Darkness will be absorbed by Light

Dark energy of the earth’s crust will be neutralized, and Light will absorb the Darkness. This job is done by Moon (Supreme Powers) in space and near-earth orbit. The influence of the lowest cosmic creatures, that live on the level of Saturn planet and were named “devils” by people, is very high. And this influence of the dark powers will be neutralized soon by the God (Supreme Powers). These dark powers will be shifted so far away from the human civilization to those parallel worlds, where they won’t be able to cause any damage at all. 

This is will be overthrow of Satan. This process will be related to the changes of geophysical cover of the Earth: something must be submerged water. Without it, dark powers won’t be neutralized, and people, being under their influence, won’t change and there won’t be any logics and common sense anymore. Exactly due to this, today, people are not interested in moral renovation, New Model of life and laws that for a long time have been in Kazakhstan.

Nile River will be restored.

Half-dead Nile River will be restored and returned to its previous banks. This river is in communication with planet of Jupiter and fulfills very important function on the energetical level: the Nile’s paths provide paths of bread and abundance, in order let people live in prosperity. The Nile by the words of Superior Powers even not a river at all, but the sea. Ancient people must not have been used Nile’s water for irrigation. Therefore Nile on the energetic level could have established paths of bread and plenty to the whole planet.
Actions of people today, towards nature, Space and God, are not so reasonable. This is the evidence…

All Space programs will be revised.

People do not know that Space is the headquarters of the God, they try to send spaceships to the interplanetary space. There is no place for human beings on the other planets, all spaceflights should be performed only around Earth’s orbit. This was said by the Moon and God already 3-4 years ago. I wrote about it somewhere. But, know, they are sending to the Mars one by one 3 space modules. What do human beings try to search on Mars? This is what Supreme Powers told about this planet: Mars itself even is not a planet, Mars is the fire. When there is very hot weather on the Earth, heat and drought, people think it comes from the Sun. In reality, it comes from the Mars. Mars – is the planet of devastation and fire. 

Sometimes you can observe very burning periods and droughts from the hot breath of Mars. Spaceships’ launching to any kind of planet would necessarily open, on the energetical level, return visits. And which kind of visitors can come to us from the planet of devastation and fire is even hard to imagine and this is can be known only by God.

And everything this happen during the time, when very complex geophysical processes are taking place on the Earth, and it would be better not to interrupt them at all. If people realize, that when they launch spaceships to the other planets, they perform job against God and help Satan, then they will review their space projects.

About Kazakhstan

Main job have been done by the Moon (Supreme Powers) on Kazakhstan. All changes on planet new climate’s and new model of life’s establishment must commence from the territory of our country, because our country is the most prepared from the energetic point of view for forthcoming changes to occur. 

There will be striking changes in Kazakhstan and water environment as well. Also changes concerning economy and society will take place first in Kazakhstan. But now, changes in nature are worth much more rather than changes in society. Thoughts, intentions and efforts of every man/woman are very transparent and in full view to the Moon (Supreme Powers).

To conclude

Today you can see that our movement to soft tropical climate is accompanied by “side effects”: pouring rains, exhaust heat, earthquakes, flooding…

Soon, planet poles glaciers’ melting will commence. Irreversible processes as, I told before, started on 11 September 2002. Glaciers’ ablation will not lead to the oceans’ level rise. There will be no Greenhouse and global warming effect that worries a lot of scientists. But, honestly speaking, danger of water approaching the earth, is maintaining, but it has very different nature. The Moon speaks about in this way: “The energetic level’s path when people steal is similar to the flooding path coming back as a result for this stealing”. If something unexpected occurs on the Earth, people will be guilty of it themselves.

In any case, Golden age with its paradise climate and fantastic abundance will appear. There won’t be any Apocalypses. Nobody knows what might happen. Only God can say what to expect next.

I told you only the information I had received from the level of Moon and God (Supreme Powers). Moral law – is the second appearance of the God. When people do not know, who the God is, then they should look at themselves from the outside. Then, they will see, that the God for them is what they have in their heads. For these narrow-minded views about God, people suffer distress.

Since 1992 I have had an occasion to acquire new knowledge about structure of the Universe and true God. And I know, in order to have everything that was arranged by the Moon and not to destroy anything good and bright, people must follow and respect the Law of Morality. Off course, they might not believe in forecasts of Superior Powers, but everything this article contains, can happen absolutely suddenly.

22 August 2003

All this was published one year ago. Today it is impossible not to see that, crisis geophysical processes are approaching. Is that true? Now is the summer of 2004. Supreme Powers tell that climatic and natural changes will commence from the river of Ural. In what form it will happen – we will see soon. We wouldn’t have relation to all this, if everything that’s taking place now in nature and human society haven’t been confirmed the things that Superior Powers talk about in the “Book of the Moon about New model of life” which you are able find on our website.

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