Galiya Kerey about Devastating China flooding

Galiya Kerey about Devastating China flooding 

For the few years straight the Heaven Force mentioned the Yesik lake in my articles.

This part of the Earth was adjusted by the dark forces as the door from the darken underworld.
On the contrary, Heaven through Heaven Force arranged that place by closing that «door» applying water, that’s why the lake called Yesik, that stands for the «door».
Subsequently, dark forces having capabilities to leak through all gaps and water horizons, infiltrated through that place.

They started manipulating somehow from the bottom blowing upwards, creating the island.
The Jupiter from above bombarded that place with so called stones that human beings used to call meteorites. Stones had different shapes from rounded to much-faceted.
These stones were reaching the bottom through the water. Dark forces were capturing them using clay mud and were throwing them back. These thrown back stones under the influence of the negative energy became fixed to each other and consequently bumpy land was formed.
Jupiter from above bombarded that places with stones in the form of meteorites, and, subsequently, the mountain ranges with valleys between them were formed. That valleys finally started filling up with all sorts of protozoans, that by infiltration to the human beings were transformed to the human body shape (again, somebody can call me the person who needs treatments…).
As the result, on that land, where mountain hills alternated each other, two countries were originated – China and Mongolia.
China occupies the main part, at the same time Mongolia, crossing water latitudes, found itself like on the edge.
Further via that tunel, where there was Yesik lake, three water bodies flowed from above were located – Chudes sea (Aral sea), Sham sea (Issyk-kul lake), Shattan sea (Caspian sea).
This path of the reunion of these three giants was drained to such extent by the Dark forces that this place nowadays consists of 8 countries.
It seems fair to say, that their natural-resource’s wealth has no match among other countries, this is due to the fact that they were receiving gift from Jupiter because of the nature ways still remained on that place.
Thus, this clean water margins disappeared. Currently, as the result of the renewal of initial appearance of the Earth, the gone water revives as well. That water, called by the mass media Big Water in China, soon will move to the Mongolian territory.
This is the largest lake called Yesik.
Its’ occurrence on the earth are Balkhash and Alakol lakes. Yesik lake’s outflow is far from the Balkhash lake, where it appeared in the form of the river called Yesil.
Final target of the Heaven Force is to recreate initial appearance of the Earth, where there will be no different ups and downs, peaks between lakes that separates borders between lakes. Before, each lake had its own beneficial purpose for life of mankind.
The was an information about it from Heaven through Heaven Force, but no one else cared.
Right now, it’s claimed, that the big water appeared in China. Here some information and reminder about that information which had been published before.
At the moment every day mass media is full of the information and fresh-baked scientists only have time to manage to tell and report about different events on the Earth, but at the same time pretend that they investigate, expressing their own unintelligible conclusion and arguments and showing surprised eyes. Well, that’s ok, off course it’s necessary to receive money for this and pretend that they found something…
I don’t think that they haven’t read the information on the websites Галия.кз,,, and my pages on Facebook. Earlier the word “abnormal” has been used quite often, nevertheless, one of my posts contained the information that this is not an anomaly, but conduction of the process of purification and appearance of the something new on the Earth.
Since then, this word is not mentioned in the articles, so is there anything to wonder? It looks like they reinvented the wheel.

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