European Union and Customs Union are collapsing

On May 28, 2010 the article «European Union is collapsing» was published on the website «European Union is collapsing». A few people were talking about disintegration of the EU then – publications on this topic have mainly appeared since 2011 and become more frequent in the subsequent years. There was noted in the article «European Union is collapsing»: «There is no connection between them, there is no a mechanism for connecting them in one organism. The EU authorities are not interested in raising living standards of the EU population. On the contrary, they want to solve their problems by stringent austerity measures that reduce the European living standards even more. It seems that this union takes into account only the ruling forces’ aspirations and desires. Regardless of whether they want it or not – Seventh Lunar Era, Aquarius Age is already here – there will be changes of the Earth, climate change, life change, but there will be no this union. The European Union is collapsing and, consequently, the euro as a currency will disappear in the near future». In May, 2010 bio-energy specialist Galiya Kazhgaliyevna Kerey said: «the Customs Union will also collapse before it even starts working at full capacity». Three years after events around the EU and CU are unfolding in accordance with the word of Galiya Kerey.

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