The Aral Sea and People

We have repeatedly said that the Aral Sea will restore and return to its original shoreline. The restoration of the Aral Sea and its return to previous level had to happen in the overall context of climate change and natural environment. However, the process has been unreasonably procrastinated for too long.

The Aral Sea would restore much faster if people knew the Moon (God) and the fact that they have nothing to do with the restoration of the Aral Sea. About eight years ago we wrote that people were not allowed to touch the Aral Sea. All work needed for the Aral Sea restoration has been carried out by the Moon. People didn’t have to break nothing. People think that the Aral Sea disappeared due to environmental destruction. In actual fact, the Aral Sea disappeared due to intolerable energy situation. And energy is being controlled by only the Moon, Gods and the Forces of Light.

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