Rebirth of the water basins of Kazakhstan

The Caspian Sea – is an intergalactic tunel (connection) between the Moon and the Earth, initially named as the Shattyk Sea. The Earth, climate and humanity, that had been undergone a change by the “Gone with the wind”, will return to its origin. The end comes to the damage that was spread by the dark powers on the Earth, climate and mankind. The precise border of the Shattyk (Caspian Sea) has already been established.

The next sea – is the Chudes Sea (Marvelous Sea), named as the Aral Sea. The Chudes Sea was damaged deeply, therefore no development was in Kazakhstan and the world – went to the land Russian Federation. The damage’s made to the Earth on the global level. In this somatic damage the Earth was dying without needed tunel (connection) of the Jupiter. The seeds of the Jupiter, arranged to the Earth, were grabbed by the land of Saturn imposing the deadlock by the bats to the whole Earth and making tunel (connection) from the Saturn to the Earth. In simple words, the water of the Chudes Sea is the water of the Baikal Lake. It will come to its place and the tunel from Jupiter to the Earth will be established.

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Lake’s Red Colour – Heaven’s warning

As 31st channel reported (22.09.2011), the water in the lake went red close to “Noviy Chemolgan” village of Almaty’s oblast. According to these photos, lake’s colour is similar to the manganese solution’s one turning to scarlet. In any case, this is very rare thing occurring in nature, there are only a few such examples. For instance, the lake in western part of american state of Texas turned its colour into the blood red. However, lake near “Noviy Chemolgan” village not only changed its colour.

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Spruces Falling Down or A Little Hell in the Mountains

On the eve of the Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan we published the information from the institute directed by Galiya Kazhgaliyevna Kerey. Our article was named «Vancouver Syndrome or Problematic Asiade». In particular, in that article was said that «the Winter Games are in their declining phase. The recent example is that of the Games in Vancouver, which were close to a failure, when on the eve of the Olympiad, this skiing resort had been inundated with heavy showers. In virtue of the caprices of the Nature the authorities had to import the snow using the aircrafts.

However, certain games, such as snowboarding competitions, have been removed from the schedule. The continuous rains haven’t allowed to plan everything in due manner, to organize the main competitions, and the rains have even confounded the cards of the strongest teams, which found themselves behind the weak teams. Of the disasters due to the natural phenomena came to make part the failures in the organizational context, and tragic accidents. In the upshot, the Olympiad has been muffed, and the experts have defined it as the worst one. The man presumes and Supreme Powers disposes and the Asiade in Kazakhstan may not take place because of the changes of the Nature, and of the non-readiness of the sportive objects. Consequently, there won’t be any advantage for the economics and sportive prestige of the Country».

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