Lake’s Red Colour – Heaven’s warning

As 31st channel reported (22.09.2011), the water in the lake went red close to “Noviy Chemolgan” village of Almaty’s oblast. According to these photos, lake’s colour is similar to the manganese solution’s one turning to scarlet. In any case, this is very rare thing occurring in nature, there are only a few such examples. For instance, the lake in western part of american state of Texas turned its colour into the blood red. However, lake near “Noviy Chemolgan” village not only changed its colour.

There was quite heavy odour from its water, which made life in the village not pleasant at all. Moreover, cattle started to die. All this got inhabitants into trouble. They raised an alarm when 10 horses had died in the village, because the lake was the only nearby water source for cattle to drink. The reason for this incident was the “red” water according to a local shepherd. Although, it happened not long ago, but fish vanished there long time ago.

According to the information came from the Heaven, Supreme Powers wanted people to leave this area making the water red with rank odour. Generally, people associate red colour with danger. It is really negative zone – zone of the Lowest Power’s way of breath, energetic channel – Lowest Power’s connection, that would be “closed”. Heavy odour will disappear, but living in “Noviy Chemolgan” would be very dangerous. Local people must be resettled to the nearest populated areas. Due to the Great Power of Heaven, original climate’s rebirth is going on, especially, water basins, that already had existed on the Earth, but vanished because of negative processes on the Earth. When “Noviy Chemolgan” village and “red” lake disappear, New Lake called “Nectar” will appear in their place.

September 27, 2011

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