No Earthquakes further would threaten mankind

“Earth’s breath has been adjusted by the Heaven. Heaven will revive the Earth and the mankind. Specific gravity of the Earth will become lighter, throwing off the land of Mars, water of Mars, oil and gas of Mars and unnecessary minerals introduced into the Earth, that human beings treat as the “treasure”.

The Earth will be granted new water, oil and gas – marvelous life will be established by the Heaven on the Earth. To provide such life only necessary things will be left on the Earth.

First of all, the main thing will be human and his/her necessities of life. This will be different from the life that is going on now where the most important thing is crime, and after – human needs.

Heaven will organize new life!”

June 4, 2010

The Sun fell into a sleep

“The Sun, that has changed the life on the Earth by chemical reactions since 12 life, is almost the day before its disappearance. Because of rays of Sun, Earth’s structure  has been destroyed, life on Earth has changed. Initial, flora and fauna has vanished or changed due to the sun rays’ bad influence. Predators, toxic flora and fauna, appeared poisoning the land and the life on the Earth. Death and diseases appeared.

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Saiga antelope mass die-off

Saigas have been brought to Earth from the land of Mars. They are not for eating. They poison all living on Earth by their excrements that emit pungent smell of acetone, spreading through the air by wind and penetrating into the water through the soil. Now the Earth is being purified of unnecessary animals. There is no any pasteurellosis. It is Great Power of Heaven that is doing it. Because of saigas there is a negative impact on Heaven’s descendants on Earth. This negative influence from Mars to Earth has been already eliminated on energy level and in genetic tunnel.

Henceforth saigas will not die off anymore but will disappear thanks to God’s works. Instead of them, there will come genuine earthly creatures called «Akboken» that have once disappeared from the face of the Earth because of saigas appearance.

There will also appear the grass for Akbokens.

As a result, mankind will get rid of all kinds of troubles in the joints.

June 4, 2010