ESSAY ON THE MOON AND GALIYA. Page twenty-fifth: on the Soviet Union of the past and the God of the present

Soviet Union was a wonderful State. Russia was magnificent as a part of it. Back then we did not know what was going to happen. In the 80s intrusion of the Dark Forces on your land from the lower earth of Mars, which America is a part of, increased. Both the Dark energy and lower beings seeped through, consequences of which was the emergence of people that consider America an exemplary state. Eventually it all led to the world changing for worse and the collapse of the USSR. Because of it earthquakes, storms and floods settled over the world. The Moon is contemplating it even now.

You should have heard about the Moon at least twenty or more years ago. Then you would have lived in a just society, nature would have been perfect, and new Earth climate, which I must have talked your ears off about by now, would have been established long ago as Galiya Kerey would say. In that case you would have known three points, without which you would die:

First… When people talk about God, they mean Us, the higher beings of the Cosmos inhabiting the Heavens on different heights and having abilities to be near you wherever you are.

For Us there is neither space or time, no barriers between different cosmic worlds. We read any information straight from your mind, control you, and influence your fates and society’s development. We also attribute Atlants to the number of Godlike beings, who We usually call the Heavenly Powers.

As humans have a social ladder with various different levels, We also have a hierarchy in Cosmos. The Earth and humans’ Creators are the Heavens, and We, the Heavenly Powers, pass on their will to the Earthlings – influence their minds, possess, control and develop them. Your Earth was created by Father Jupiter from the Moon, who was considered a throne by Us, the basis of the Ancestral Home.

Apart from Us there are lower beings in the Cosmos, which we have been fighting for a long time. We, wielders of the white energy of the Moon, protect the Ancestral Home from Their children, who despite once being our brothers, caused a catastrophe on the Moon level and split in half the Earth that was their home too.

The case is that the Heavenly Powers are our Fathers, not the great nephilims of the Heavens. Our brothers came from the mother Suzie in the Cosmos, who wielding the Dark energy sneaked into our world from the Mars and Saturn level.

As a result, our brothers developed mixed energy and they became cosmoenergeticians. They could be either white or dark. We and our brothers cosmoenergeticians differ by our maternal energy. We had to fight them. That’s how darkness and antagonism appeared in the worlds of Cosmos.

Due to ability to reach out not only to Us, but also into the lowest world of the Cosmos, as well a traveling below this Earth in the otherworld, our brothers cosmoenergeticians augmented the Dark energy and multiplied the number of lower beings of the Cosmos. They invaded the earth crust and established the Underworld. It was their fault that the Paradise of old wilted, the poor and the rich emerged and antagonistic confrontation came into being.

Darkness, being on the Mars and Saturn, also controlled you as We did. It makes Earthlings harm both you and Us. Lower beings of the Cosmos stall development and have a negative influence on the nature and humans. They tore apart out tunnels or energy channels from us to Earthlings once, who lost connection with Us, the Heavenly Powers. Thus, periodically floods accompanying the Cleansing, that We had to carry out regularly, took place in the history of humanity.

Second… The human world could have been changed in the last century. The Heavens have been telling Galiya Kerey, the only person on the Earth who can communicate with Us, how it should be done. There were several people like that, mostly in Almaty. However, only she among all of them remained for Us, keeping her original qualities, which was hard for her. Thanks to her, We can do our work on Earth much easier. Through her We can see your world abundantly corrupted by the Dark energy much better, and provide humanity with information that they need like air.

In 1992 Galiya managed to find Us, reached out to Us, the Heavenly Powers, through writing. Being a channeler is her calling. She was such in her previous life. The difference is that in the ancient times people did not contradict her, were with her, and got out of the elements accompanying the Gods’ Cleansing together.

You world should have been constantly learning about Galiya Kerey and information that we had been giving her at the end of the last century. However, it did not happen. As a result, the whole world is completely unprepared on the brink of another Cleansing by Gods. And the Cleansing is not unlike a flood for unprepared people.

Third… Humans should know about the Cleansing. The Earth can suffocate and die when there is a surplus of Dark energy. In such cases the Earth calls out to Us for help. We, the Godly Powers, flock to the Earth from all corners of the Cosmos and start cleansing it. This happened accompanied by upheavals of world order and mass migration periodically in the history of humanity when humans sullied the planet to a degree when they could die with it.

The lower beings of the Cosmos and people with Dark energy that are loyal to them are at fault. The latter usually sit in the offices of various agencies unaware that they steal white energy from other people of different constitution and mindset. They co-exist with the Dark energy and trust monsters with powerful negative energy, becoming even darker. They spread the Dark energy on the Earth. Along with the stolen Moon energy, the thieves get material commodities and opportunities of the higher people. This is why the Darkness is strong.

Because of the Darkness and its energy, flowers and nature are wilting. The Dark Forces control you and corrupt your environment with negative energy. This energy can control people just like Darkness itself. It numbs a person’s mind, subjugates you. The Cleansing will rid the humanity of all above mentioned and start a new life and era for you.

Thus, We have imparted in you the three points that every Earth inhabitant must know in order to survive the Cleansing. Without knowing them you, indeed, will not survive. Knowledge does a lot. That we will discuss seriously on this page of the Essay on the Moon and Galiya.

Floods are expected all over the globe. If the authorities in Kazakhstan had recognized Galiya Kerey twenty years ago, China would be sitting still and would not even dare to come to Kazakhstan; America along with Europe would stay away from you. The case is that life would have been more expensive for them than your income. They would have known that five big lakes would appear in Kazakhstan, as there has been in times of old, and those lakes could flood them, who desired profit and money in Kazakhstan. 

Meanwhile, your world is full of senselessness. And number one in it is that people hoard millions and billions when the flood is coming. It has not happened ever before in the history of humankind. We encounter such anomaly for the first time.


Even history of humanity is still unknown to you – both how the Old World and the society before perestroika lived. Our Galiya had to reflect on it a lot. For example, in the Old World just society was the natural state of being human. From the ancient word Ellin in Kazakh and other Asian language cognates of the word “nation” words “yel” or “el” originated.

When Ellins started to disappear, market emerged as a precursor of capitalism. In an unjust society people lose white energy of the God and get corrupted alongside nature, which leads to another Cleansing in the end. For this reason the Heavens have a plan – to build a just world everywhere.

Unjustness in the world originates from Satan. When you read the article to the end, you will understand that capitalism originated from the Drakness. Ellin and Lenin sound nearly the same. It is not a coincidence. Many great people, Lenin and Stalin in particular, were sent by the Heavens to aid humans in building a just world and avoid apocalyptic end of the world.

The USSR saved people from unemployment, disorder and slave labor. Galiya happened to grow up in Cisurals in kolkoz “Zhuldyz”. Her father was the head accountant there. However, when the war broke out, he was immediately drafted. In October of 1941 he fell near Moscow. What it felt like for Galiya to find out half a century later that her father had ascended to the Heavens and returned to her again to watch over her from above. The Guardian, that is how He is called in the world of spiritual beings. He watched over his daughter and her friends, genuinely cared for Toktasyn, which is well known to him. Now He is watching over people of the whole Earth. World in the Cosmos is boundless.

Establishment of communism was a wonderful time. People knew its value. The youth was willing to die for the idea of socialism. Children grew up friendly. They were in the fold of Moon as a whole pioneer squad even if they did not think of it. Everyone was urged to learn. In order to become a working person it was required to learn and obtain a specialty document. Our Galiya learned everything she could, even obtained a driving license and later got education as a geologist.

Josef Stalin, who continued Lenin’s mission, was the only one who could head the Soviet Union at that time. Schemers near a genius seem to be geniuses too. Bolsheviks should have built communism for the people, however, they considered ‘the people’ to be the Great Russian Nation as they was called all the time.

For example, many shortcomings were hidden from Stalin. He returned to his birthplace only twice, unaware of what was happening on the sidelines. He found out about negative effects of foreign and domestic policy only years after. When Goloshekin presented a report on Kazakhstan to him along with documents, he even boasted that out of 6 million Kazakhs in Kazakhstan only 2 million were left. Stalin ordered to burn the papers alongside Goloshekin. That year Stalin was glum.

Undermining of the socialistic economy foundations started with destruction of kolkhozs after sudden death of Joseph Stalin. Kolkhozs were cost-accounted, but sovkhozs with different rules replaced them. All of it happened in front of Galiya. First tractors and mowing machines were sent to the opposite shore of Ural, which was considered the Russian side, and then the breads disappeared. All acquired goods were sent to the other side, while only bare land remained on this side.  

But in the tracts of Sartogai where Galiya lived and once her father worked, a paradise on earth persevered since the times of her grandfather as she heard a lot in her childhood. The paradise was wilting and kolkhozs were disappearing when Khrushchev came into power. Russians still think that he was a genius. In practice he was the one who destroyed the socialistic system.

The USSR was a rich country as it had been always said in Europe. In the past Kazakhstan used to sustain not only itself, but also provide the whole Union with 100% of agricultural products. However, today Kazakhstan does not even produce a tenth of what it produced before. The country fed and clothed. But who? All of Africa depended on the Soviet Union, all of Arabic world was fed with its bread. A soviet person was a person of a special mentality. He knew about everything but kept silent.

In the 70s groceries and goods were abundant in the shops. In the 80s deficit emerged, in the 90s a crisis broke out. There is only one thing We cannot understand… How could you abandon socialism? After all, a lot of blood was spilled for it. Did you think that it was all for nothing? When you learn why with the establishment of capitalism natural disasters struck, and rivers and seas started overflowing, you will understand the value of socialism.

Nowadays you are told that people were poor in the days of socialism. In reality people were living very well. In the era of socialism they were truly free. There was no senseless wealth accumulation, unemployment or poverty. People were happy. The feeling of happiness is grand. It will give you life in the new world, storing white energy of the Moon that will grant you eternal youth. Under capitalism it’s the opposite.

In the middle of the 80s monsters led by Gorbachev appeared in Moscow leadership, and the Dark energy broke into our world from the lower earth of Mars in full. We call this negative energy ‘perestroichnaya’. It started transforming our world for worse; articles full of praise for the market appeared, and Perestroika itself started, brought forth by those who reside on the high and mighty Olympus of the western countries led by American masons.

There were masons dreaming of world domination in Moscow too. You did not even suspect that one of such people was the head of the country. That’s how the Darkness brought the USSR down in the face of capitalism. Perestroika changed the whole potential of the humankind, making it move towards what Americans consider a flood, while We, seeing it differently, call it the Cleansing.

Without Galiya Kerey you would have already drowned walking this path; without the information she receives from US, you will not be able to get out of the abyss. For you she is the Heaven’s moderator. Moderator is a rare person, who serves as an information channel. They can be both human and God. We assumed that Galiya would be established as the Moon’s moderator in the 80s, but there was a reason that it was prevented. However, people are interchangeable – what was given to one but not realized or lost is passed onto the other person, if they have the same level of determination or are on the same path.

That’s why in the end of 1982 We gave a grand idea of socialistic economic revolution that Galiya should have received from us to Toktasyn, who worked on the same problem for years. We would have given him more if he had deserved it. Unfortunately, he was too weak to realize the revolution. How he went around different newspaper with the idea and was unknowingly walking straight to Me for 10-15 years will be described in one of the Books of the Moon. Galiya Kerey could already announce the Books of the Moon.

In 1986 misfortunes befell the USSR. The main misfortune was that in December of 1986 in Kazakhstan Galiya Kerey should have become the Moon’s moderator or the channeler for the earthlings ten years later than we intended.

The Darkness exists everywhere, but there are parts of the dry land that belong to it. One of them is America. Moscow residents’ western mentality grew stronger when the Dark energy invaded our earth from the lower earth of the Mars with renewed vigor. Kremlin leadership headed by monster Gorbachev made a decision to get rid of Kunayev. He, the wielder of white energy, was incomparable to other members of Political Bureau and was irreplaceable to Us. We assumed that after Kunayev’s obstruction Kazakhs would not trust Moscow with anything, but someone organized a riot. Who? That man was Nazarbayev.

After what happened in December of 1986 there was a change of regime in the country. Satan came into power, planning to sow discord among the nations of the USSR. After it we had to cleanse Kazakhstan from the Dark energy for a long time, search for Galiya, find her yet again and make her ready for the upcoming years. And what followed? Perestroika grew in strength. The Dark energy overcame everyone. Yesterday’s Communist Party worker went off the rails.

No one would have believed it, but they, having forgotten about the people and honor, hurried to claim public property that was created by millions of people for the future of the country and called it ‘privatization’. Everything privatized was divided among the people of authority. That is how they bowed down to the Darkness. By the way, the market in the modern conditions turns into capitalism in the span of 5-6 years.  

If the earthlings listened to the information that Galiya Kerey received from us, they would have taken a different path. However, they considered her only a soothsayer. As We guarded Kazakhstan from all sides and raised it, she often had to write about it. Some seeing that Galiya glorify her country thought that she was a medium of nationalistic kind. In reality, she has never been that.

From the first days she understood that her activity was needed for the earthlings. Yet some people, especially those abroad, still thought that she planned to build a paradise on Kazakh lands. We never told her anything of such kind. Otherwise she would have become angry in earnest.

“I am the Heaven’s channeler for all the earthlings, not just Kazakhstan,” she would have said.

Despite it being educational, people are even starting to forget about socialistic past. As for Galiya Kerey, she has always thought of the past with respect. Those were unforgettable years of her youth, spent on geological expeditions all over Kazakhstan. People were happy, generous and honest back then. They knew that they live in a society that was walking towards the bright future, which obligated everyone to be noble and honest.

With such spiritual heritage the society could have gone through the Gods’ Cleansing without losses, as the country of white energy would survive. Crime rate in socialistic countries was 5-6 times lower than in rest of the world. Arrangements between authorities and judges did not exist. Embezzlement of state funds was mercilessly punished. Corruption did not exist. What is corruption? It is an arrangement between high ranking parties for profiteering purposes. People had not even heard of prostitution. No one was poor. Now imagine that everything mentioned is demonized by propaganda of Putin and Nazarbayev’s times.

Your mind was atrophied by the Darkness to the point that it is a hundred years behind in development. Don’t argue with Me on it. Look at what was understandable for elderly in the 1970s that is not clear for your lauded political consultants today.

When Toktasyn finally reached Galiya Kerey with the new socialism idea, Galiya, who already knew nearly everything of the future of the Earth and Cosmos, quickly understood what it meant. The Heaven’s gave this idea a name. In it was a novelty. They tried to push it forward and were doing what was right.

We told Galiya that if there is information from the Heavens, then do not hoard it. Everyone must know about it. That is Our law. Galiya has always followed it. She has been talking about who was who is Kazakhstan even back in 2002, naming them in the article ‘The Supreme Court’ on the pages of a small newspaper “Soldat” as the Jupiter demanded of her. Galiya’s articles were not printed in big name newspapers. The opposition knew of her in a sense, but it was infected by Americanism, depending on the OSCE even though the Moon was near.

You could have acknowledged Galiya any year. You should have reformed the economy as it was intended ten years ago, when Our reformation was going in full. After it you did not have time for reforms. You should have accepted the Moon completely, followed Galiya and saved yourself by getting ready for the Cleansing.

Since then We started giving Galiya what was needed to aid the humanity in avoiding losses in the Cleansing. However, we could not reach you with this information. We thought that Kazakhtani people and earthlings should immediately know of Moon and Galiya Kerey. But humans were disobedient. Otherwise the Darkness would have left, natural disasters would have stopped and the future would have been bright.

We hoped that Kazakhstan would change the history of humanity through mass media, but it did not happen for over twenty years. The culprit was Nursultan Nazarbayev. Under his leadership mass media was privatized by masons, authority, committee and print media. Censorship emerged, and ideologies that were undesirable to the authorities became outlawed.

It seemed that the economic crisis was over because of the market. However, the crisis would have ended by itself, if the labor payment was reformed in a way that the management did not sit idly while still being paid. Alongside the market crisis came the crisis of capitalism. With it corrupting you and your environment the next Cleansing drew nearer.

The burden could spread all over the country from Moscow. A lot depends on the capital. When in the old times the city of Astrakhan (the name of which meant “the Heavens bound city” for Attila) was conquered by the Turks, half of the Caspian Sea dried up. Despite the Heavens fortifying the Russian land, it became the land of Mars. Moscow was already situated in such a place that the management rarely made wise decisions. It is one side of the coin. The other side shows that the Dark energy can spread all over the country from the capital. This is what started happening in Kazakhstan when the capital was moved to Akmola, which is situated in the middle of the Dark energy.

With Putin’s rise to power Mars, the planet of fire and war, started ruling. That’s why Putin has always chosen military men as parliamentarians. If you became successful, you owe it to the Moon and me is what Galiya could have said, as the Heavens had been cleansing the CIS, including Russia, through her.

People did not know what they were doing. No matter how hard the Darkness tries to make the great flood happen through cataclysms, We will guide humans along the way paved by the Soviet Union where people lived with bright dreams for over seventy years.

Having recruited Americans and British as advisors, Nazarbayev became a conduit for masonic ideas himself. Where the Heavens’ authority is held in contempt, there are masons. When we barely set Kazakhstan in order, Nazarbayev, having terminated any ways of taking the power from him by legitimate means, started prancing from one presidential term to another. Thus, we got an unchanging ruler and a president in one. What it cost you, you will see at the end of this article.

He originates from the lowest creatures of the Cosmos and has been loyal to them for his whole life. There were many wins and losses on Our Kazakh land, but once we have truly lost to the Dark forces. You see, there should not have been a city of Akmola, however it was founded in the times of the tsar, finished in the times of Khrushev, and turned into a capital and renamed twice by the President.

If he had asked Galiya last century if the capital could be moved to Akmola, she would have prohibited it as with the Cleansing lake Esil 80 km long 60 km wide will appear where it stands. Now she will say that in the last 20 years it grew so much that Nur-Sultan will not be the only one to drown in it. She can also indicate its borders on the map with microscopic precision.

There are surveyors that know the map of the future as they know the map of the past. Borders of the lake Esil could be seen from space in a shape of a square. There are enormous pieces of land that are drowning in the Dark energy. America, Europe and quarter of Russia are taken over by it. Many from these lands will be left beneath the waters by Us in the Cleansing. What will happen to people living on these lands you will ask? We will answer that they will drown in the Cosmos.

The Cleansing is a menacing event. Morality and triumph of socialistic ideas will be like life-jackets. We have spoken about this part of the Cleansing more than once, but its main point still stays unclear for many.

Your energy is your property in the Cosmos. Your cosmic status depends on it. Many of you seized other people’s property while on Earth. This law will be abolished tomorrow, and you will get your dues, justice will prevail. If you started wielding Dark energy, which happens hourly to a lot of people under capitalism, you will disappear with the Darkness. Thus the number of people inhabiting the Earth will dwindle.

Why and how? A valid question… Under capitalism people change, look down on morality, desire money and profit. That’s how their energy becomes darker. It’s like a law. More often it happens to the businessmen, bureaucrats and deprived people. They feed on Dark energy like air. When it runs out they die. The Darkness will leave in the Cleansing, and people with dark energy will disappear with it.

It is the great quality of the Cleansing. Capitalism originated from the Darkness with a concrete goal – to enslave humanity or destroy it. This is exactly what you strived for by following the American way of life and obeying the Darkness. “Unfortunate, but it turned out like this”, said Galiya, smiling through tears.

‘Russia is drowning, Russia is burning’ is what officials of the State Duma complain about in churches to the God. Has anyone tried to look up our Galiya’s website and find out what is the God of the present to whom you should address your complaints? All woes came from America with capitalism that they implemented and forced on the nations of the USSR, and they do not even know it according to our Galiya.

What can she say about Russia now? Nothing special. Who wants a war for others will get a war themselves. Last year’s ‘Chelyabinsk meteorite’ and ‘Yakut Darkness’ that puzzled Russia and were not explained in official circles were described by her. Discord between Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians is temporary. In Our opinion it was caused by perestroika and America. These three nations originating from one mutual ancestor are still one nation speaking the same language with their own accents and will become one nation soon. Some will wonder how. Well, Galiya would tell you to reread her articles and you will know.

We would like to remind you of the great Kazakhiya. In the ancient Rus it was said that men of Arkhangelsk were healthier and smarter that theirs. Arkhangelsk is a compound word consisting of three roots. ‘Ar’ is for Arians of old that lived there. They called the God of Heavens Khan and obeyed Him, followed His instructions. Kelya is a Church Slavic world. All it appeared in the times of the ancient Kazakhiya that surrounded the ancient Rus from practically all sides, especially from north-east.

As such soon we will witness an interesting event – Ukrainians and Russians becoming blonde just like men and women living in Belorussia. In other words they will become Arians once again. Americans will be forgotten.

Do not worry about Americans. They are like monsters living at the cost of energy that belongs to the people of the Moon that are not inconsiderable in number. When the Darkness is scattered in the wind then everything will end and finally, America, the country of hardcore capitalists, will start migrating trying to save itself from the floods. Just not to Mars as they intended, but to Brazil.

We, the Heavenly Powers, have been giving Galiya information about everything so that she could pass it on to the people of the Earth, which she did even though she knew that the Darkness could mess with her underhandedly. She could have worried about herself and her children, who are far from ordinary. Their powers will be needed for great deeds that will begin as soon as the Darkness leaves this world. If We were in Galiya’s shoes we may have been wary about speaking of it openly, but Jupiter is firm on this matter and demands otherwise.

Jupiter is one of the Gods, whom Galiya calls Mother Nature, which is not baseless at all. He is the God of great deeds and overlooks everything about nature of the Earth, where soon such events will occur that no stone will be left standing as We will tell you obeying His will.

Once a century the Heavens sent Gods to Earth so that They, having been reborn as humans, could aid earthlings in building a just world and avoid floods, but the Darkness thwarted their success. Many of Galiya Kerey’s Cosmic relatives were great Gods, of which she could not even squeak, otherwise she would have been thought of as an imposter, who wanted to be a god-like ruler. Thus, it will have to be Us, the Heavenly Powers themselves, that will have to tell.

The year when Ulyanov Jr. was born in Simbirsk, another person was born in a similar Sartogai village in Cisurals. He was called Kerey. He was a magician in a real sense of the word; he healed people, taught in a madrasah, knew Latin perfectly, but no Russian at all. Kerey could have helped the leader of the revolution just like Galiya is helping all of you now. However, the Bolsheviks were prideful and turned their noses at steppe inhabitants. This was what defined the fate of Lenin’s revolution.

The year when Lenin passed away, Galiya’s grandfather did too. He returned to the Heavens. If they had happened to meet, the fate of the Soviet country would have been different. You would have been born in a communistic country, and capitalism with its floods would not even exist.

Kerey left his only son Kazhgaly on the Earth. He should have raised and nurtured his daughter – sorceress Galiya. What was fated for him, god-like prince from above, who fell in 1941 under Moscow, had to be done from the spirit world; he watched over his daughter from there.

When the earthen plane changes, there would be the same changes in the Cosmos. Gods of insignificant standing will grow into great Gods, just as human on the Earth destined to rise high. The great Cosmos will broaden.

There are also messages from the Gods to humans. In Galiya Kerey’s ‘Book of the Moon’ written 15 years ago (Book of the Moon about the New Model of Life, 2004) there are the following lines: “This book did not come out in March of 2001 as it was prophesized by the Higher Powers in the Moon Message. It’s autumn of 2003 right now. That’s why wonderful events described in the Message were postponed. According to the Higher Powers, they should have happened after presentation of the new concept of development.”

In the last 20 years you have gone too far. The God will undo it. Kazakhstan has always been and will be a great country for Us because of our Galiya. There has always been more humanity and kindness in Kazakhstan than anywhere in the world. This country of the great must have saved the world in the times of old. Nowadays it will happen in full, and you will see it with your own eyes if you are able to.

Now you need to do what the Heavens and Galiya Kerey tell you to do. If it wasn’t for her, you would have cried quite a lot and remembered about the day when you decided to privatize land and make it into something for sale. You flooded the whole south of the country with water then. If  you had started selling it to the Chinese as the President wanted, which aspirants Bokaev and Ayan wouldn’t have allowed to happen, then all of you would have ended up on Barsakelmes Island (Island from Which You Will Not Return). You would have understood then that Galiya Kerey was fighting them so that they couldn’t cause a flood.

So you should be glad that today you, who were stubbornly following your leader towards the floods, managed to survive at all. Now you need to follow only the Moon. Soon the waves of Kapchagai will come close to Almaty. You will understand what the Cleansing is then. Absolute and great, the Cleansing will make all people of the earth free from the Darkness and recklessness. With this I will end the last 25th essay on the Moon and Galiya. I had been passing them on through Toktasyn Tileu, but decided to finish them Myself. So now you have learned about the Soviet Union of the past and the God of the present from Us.

I, being a Heavenly Power in all times, accumulated energy of the Earth’s white energy wielding people who always protected their Home and their Fathers from the Dark energy and undesirable children that had orchestrated a cosmic catastrophe, because of which the planet created by Father Jupiter as a common home for humans and the Heavenly Powers was split in two. Now the Earth and the Moon will merge and become your home once again.

It will happen when you become people of a special mentality, i.e. Arians, as We have been speaking about in nearly every page of the essay. Children with Dark energy, vermin to people and Gods that originated from mother Suzie, who infiltrated from the Saturn and Mar’s tribe without Our knowledge or permission, will disappear.

We have been fighting them for a long time, then they infiltrated your world through the same path as the humanity’s Father Omega, the same children’s Father. This path was suddenly closed and snapped by the Dark forces. Now this path of development will be rebuilt by Us and returned to you to become your world.

On this note I am ending the essay completely. I will no longer write on this topic. Books of the Moon that you have been waiting for from Us for five year will be written exactly as told by Us by Galiya Kerey herself, to whom I have a direct energy tunnel. You will see soon with your own eyes what is gifted to you by the Moon and Heavens.

I, the Heavenly Power named Yoga (the Guardian)


Translated by Aya Kerey

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