The World Map Will Be Reshaped

Drastic changes are taking place on our planet, which is fortified by abundant evidence. It is not rare for many countries to build their political course and economy in a way that is harmful to themselves and humanity because of lack of trustworthy information and explanation as well as deep misunderstandings of these changes. Nature protection agencies, politicians, economists, scientists do not pay attention to ‘natural signs’ that have become more frequent recently.

The world map will be reshaped

Numerous animal species disappear, or even the contrary – appear again, right in front of our eyes. For example, swallows are returning to Almaty, so are squirrels that have once left the city. Weather and seasons are going through serious change such as temperature fluctuations, large fissures and deep holes in earth crust in some countries, unbelievable floods or appearance of new waterbodies and unnatural occurrences in the sky and space and etc.

From an informational point of view there is quite a lot of broad-spectrum data about these happenings, Kazakhstan, Almaty in particular, is in a great situation; that includes information from the Heavenly Powers.

This is the reason Kazakhstan has an advantage, meaning it is kept in the loop concerning global changes (which includes our country) and reasons for these changes; meaning Kazakhstan can make reasonable decisions and take action. Well, that is if powers that be took it into account and would even want to.

For example, cities and regions of our republic that are dangerous for humans – susceptible to floods – and in need of having locals relocated are listed on the website. Or information about impossibility of a devastating earthquake happening in Almaty, which makes seismic trainings, building enhancements, project and etc. void.

The future coming of tropic climate was proclaimed long ago on the website, it was also written about in the “Book of Moon about the New Model of Life” (Almaty, 2004). It is without even mentioning the causes of illnesses, lengthening of the life force, reasonable attitude towards the coming of the new era of Aquarius and corresponding change in human mentality.

Information about the global changes that was given on the website before has been proven true, particularly about the disappearance of the oceans, world map reshaping, coming of the tropical climate and etc. without even mentioning disappearing of many animal and plant species.

Existence of such information and explanation of many mysterious occurrences (ocean withdrawal, disappearance and emergence of waterbodies, copious rains in winter and etc.) come together like puzzle pieces to paint the future of the Earth. So, according to Galiya Kerey’s information, the future shape of this world can already be seen, be it in its restoration or renewal of the original world and Earth.

For example, in the article Unseen Strategy of the Nature (11.07.2014) ‘erasure’ of some African countries was discussed. In files About the Institution of Galiya Kerey (15.03.2003) reasons for global changes were expanded upon:

“All in all, the Earth’s original climate’s restoration and configuration of the continents, flora and fauna is taking place. Consequently, unprecedented natural processes and cataclysms that will bring about social changes are happening.”

In March of 2018 mass media reported:

“After heavy rain on March 19 an enormous fissure formed in Eastern African rift valley, which attests to upcoming continental transformations. The fissure spans 3000 kilometers in the Kenyan region Narok. Its depth amounts to over 15-20 meters.”

After the appearance of giant fissures in Kenya, cracks also sprang up in neighboring Uganda. By the end of May it was reported by the mass media. Heavy rain and resulting fissure in Uganda became a result of over 300 destroyed houses. Earth got covered in cracks in Bupoto and Namisindwa. Fissures go right under people’s houses. Gardens and bridges were washed away.

Scientists have already started to talk about the world map being reshaped, even though they imagine it differently and tend to think that these processes will take millions of years.

As Galiya Kerey explains, these processes certainly will not take millions of years and will happen comparatively fast:

“The Earth spins, unfolds and comes together; the middle will become corners, new earth with new contents will emerge at the bottom. You can call it transformation; people will not understand if it was the same before or everything is new. All of it will be in benefit, all that is not will go underneath. All that which is on the line of breaks will crumble.”

Galiya Kerey’s information about ocean withdrawal is being proven right, which was talked about in the article Unprecedented Case of Ocean Withdrawal. In 2017 water mysteriously vanished from the beaches in Brazil, the Bahamas, Uruguay. In the beginning of 2018 ocean water suddenly withdrew 100 meters from the coast in Ecuador! These are the first signs of water withdrawal.

Downpours break all records: rain cleansing the Earth

Weather is a manifestation of global changes that occur on the Earth. So, the weather has changed drastically in the last years: change in length and blending of seasons, sudden temperature fluctuations and etc. Under the weight of monumental changes every year familiar/traditional weather and seasons lose ground. Weather contrasts are astounding: some regions can drown in rainfall, while neighboring regions suffer from drought; often winters come and go with only miniscule amount of snow, and birdsong can be heard even in February…

Unheard of transformations happen to the weather! If we were to monitor the precipitation for the last year, we would notice the data about record-breaking amounts of rainfall in different parts of the world.

Rain in Ankara (Turkey) on May 5 this year has been recognized as the heaviest in the recent centuries. Forecasters predicted a 3-hour rain. However, gigantic amount of water fell in only 9 minutes. It resulted in a huge flood. Capital’s region Mamak was hit the hardest as several streets were completely flooded. Cars were washed away and the lowest floors went underwater.

There was a record-breaking amount of rainfall in Paris on July 9 of 2017. As a result, roads and subway stations were flooded. In just an hour a monthly norm of precipitation fell – around 50 millimeters.

On the night of June 25 to 26 of 2017 record-breaking amount of precipitation fell in Minsk, which is 87% of the monthly norm – 77 mm! Never has such a rain been seen in the Belorussian capital in the whole history of meteorological observation.

In Moscow, too, undreamed-of rains became a regular occurrence. For example, on August 15 of 2016 there was an unprecedented rain, the heaviest in the last 130 years. On June 30 of 2017 there were 65 mm of precipitation or 84% of the monthly norm in Moscow. This rain was the heaviest for June 30 in the history of observation and the heaviest for June on the whole.

In the recent years there were heavy rains that caused floods.

In May this year ‘tropical’ showers started in Almaty continuing into June.

Contactee-channeller Galiya Kerey expands upon the main point of rain cleansing:

“Rain cleansing is happening all over the world. It is not only flooding of the negative zones, but also positive cleansing. It is cleansing in both literal and metaphorical sense. Cleansing by rain and new water does not concern just flora, atmosphere and soil. Observant townsfolk may have noticed a significant decrease in number of many species of insects and birds.

Countries and people will go through the cleansing. In time a warm climate will be established all year round, and there will be harvest in our country all year round, too. In recent years the weather conditions became auspicious for the growth of vegetables and fruit, they are not devoured by the worms like usually. Rodents, lizards, termites, other insects altogether except for bees will disappear.

Harmful plants will disappear. Only useful animals, birds and plants will remain. Some of them will change for the better. Moreover, new species of animals and plants will emerge.

Clean water comes from above and washes away what must be washed away from the earth including living creatures.

Therefore, it was cold on the Earth in patches, but it is a temporary process while the new water is coming. This is why in some places weather can be cold, but it does not mean that cold days have come. It became colder in the atmosphere as a consequence of the coming water seeping through the layer of eternal ice from the lower earth to its original place. This is the reason why the coming water is cold.

Even the very nature of precipitation changed – rains become ‘tropical’. These rains are a clear sign of the future tropical climate without winter, frost or snow; a sign of climate starting to change to the eternal spring.

All in all many current unbelievable occurrences on the Earth can be understood as ‘Nature signs’ of the coming of the new era that should be noticed. These occurrences in the future will happen more frequently”.

The Earth will change its shape: it will become round!

Apart from these occurrences, many other mysterious things have happened. For example, a cloud in the shape of letter ‘O’ was reported in the USA. In some countries fires, sprites, ‘morning stars’ were seen in the sky. As for the Pacific Ocean, it started glowing blue, which had happened before but not so intensely of brightly.

News about some strange phenomena in the space appeared: a UFO 100 times bigger than the Earth came out of the Sun. The International Space Station’s cameras captured a giant extraterrestrial ray – UFO’s transportation or a shot from our Sun.

All these occurrences signal about the start of our planet and Universe’s change. When Galiya Kerey spoke about the restoration of the original climate, continent configuration, the Earth, not only the change of the continents was implied, but also that the planet will take its original shape.

This is what Galiya Kerey said about the Earth’s change:

“The Earth is not a sphere, it is an ellipsoid flattened at the poles. That is why the Earth’s radius is not constant: longer near the equator and shorter near the poles. If we split the Earth along the axis, we will get an ellipse in section. This means that the earth surface curve near the equator is sharper than near the poles. Because of ellipsoid shape of the Earth and the angle of the axis, the planet’s lighting is spread unevenly; daylight became longer and nights shorter.

The Heavenly Powers take into account that people rest during the night, which means nights cannot be short. For this reason equator will shorten and meridian will lengthen. The Heavenly Powers will try to equalize the length of equator and meridian so that the Earth could take a spherical shape for even light coverage. However, for it to happen mountains must disappear, which will happen in the quite tunnel.

The Earth’s oblateness happened because of dark powers. Not without reason the mountain are higher closer to the equator and shorter or absent at all closer to the poles. The change of the equator’s length will cause mountains’ disappearance.

This is the most important news – the Earth’s change that the humanity is waiting for and will get. It is also needed for getting the humanity ready. When the Three Suns rise, the Earth will be illuminated properly, night will vanish and it will be equally light everywhere”.


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