Information of Heaven about the object between the Moon and the Sun, the last ravings of scientists, hot spring in the winter and etc.

Here is the Heaven’s information about some publications.

The object between the Moon and the Sun

«During the last total solar eclipse in 2012 a massive object appeared between the Moon and the Sun. By sight the object is bigger than the size of Earth. As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. On November 13-14, 2012 a total eclipse of the Sun was visible from within a narrow corridor that traversed Earth’s southern Hemisphere. Over the course of 3.1 hours, the Moon’s umbra travelled along a path approximately 14500 kilometres long covering 0.46% of Earth’s surface area. The video author asks a question: What is it? Is it the planet Nibiru sighting?

NASA rejects the idea of Nibiru and makes efforts to inform the public that there is no threat to the Earth in 2012. What we are witnessing in Tasmania, Patagonia, and the Falkland Islands as shown in that video?» (A strange object between The Sun and the Moon during the solar eclipse 13-14/11/2012,, According to Mundo Alucinante News, during the last total solar eclipse in 2012 a massive object appeared between the Moon and the Sun and that object was four times the size of Earth.(

The Heaven’s information on the massive object between the Moon and the Sun: «We will put out the Sun and change the Earth. Henceforth, the Oshak will not be in damage caused by the current rulers’ dark energy anymore. We will put out the Sun as a lamp of Saturn and untie the knot of dark forces. The Oshak appeared between the Sun and the Moon (in the time of eclipse) as a Justice. It is visible only below the equator – we put out the «breath» (energetic influence) of the «Bottom» (Glacier), there is the new water’s breath in damage, we will pull it out and close the gates of hell. The dark forces, united from different levels of Mars and Saturn, have changed the Earth’s form by pressing into the centre near the equator and have filled the Earth with the breath, land of Mars. Because of the deformations and changes, caused by the forces of evil, the Earth has become smaller in size than the Oshaķ. The Earth will be restored and become bigger in size. We will put out the fire in the Earth. We have cleaned the «faith» and now people will start to believe in the Heaven’s information. We have already extinguished the catastrophe’s breath – planet Nibiru, bringing damage to earthlings – it has disappeared». (According to the Heaven’s information, the planet Oshaķ is half of the Earth broken off from it because of global disaster and hidden by Supreme Powers from the forces of darkness.)

The elephants’ predestination

Recently an invasion of elephants on tea plantations has occurred in India. «A herd of about 175 elephants rampages in eastern India destroying a tea plantation. The animals have come from forest, eaten and also trampled down huge areas of this year’s crops in Siliguri region of India’s West Bengal State. A tea plantation caretaker reported that about 40 elephants continue to eat the tea bushes. [Navneet Jill, caretaker of tea plantations]: «The elephants came here around 7 p.m. yesterday and stayed for all night. There were more than 175 elephants but now there are only 40, the rest of them went back to the forest. By now about 4000 tea bushes were destroyed by elephants». Although none of the farmers were hurt, people complain of frequent elephant attacks and big financial troubles. Basically, wild elephants make their forays into the farmers’ fields at night. They eat up crops and leave a trail of destruction. Ecologists attribute this aggressive behaviour of elephants to deforestation and destruction of their habitat. (Elephants are destroying the tea plantation in India Elephants usually like nutritious and rich in microelements rice, but it seems they don’t refuse tea either.

The Heaven’s information about elephants’ predestination: «It’s I who arranged elephants in India: «trample down» tea plantations in order to remove the damage from tea. Arranging a Matter, they have purified tea. Elephants are from Mars, I wanted to use them in the Matter; their predestination is purification of tea plantations from breaths of black forces. However, they forgot their original destination – they were living a steady life. When I decided to remove them, elephants remembered their predestination and trampled down tea plantations. Thus We purified tea, but elephants will disappear».

The last ravings of scientists

A Kazakhstani scientist raised the issue of a mass grave in case of major earthquake in Almaty and suggested a fantastic idea. «In the biggest city of Kazakhstan an apocalypse can occur at any time, without notice of ancient civilizations. If an earthquake of magnitude 8-10 occurs in Almaty, the megalopolis will become a huge mass grave», experts say. «The worst of it is that there will no be time to warn residents about impending danger», Director of the Centre of biophysical Ecology, Mr. Victor Inyushin believes. «There will be a terrible tragedy if we do not have time to prepare people for evacuation», Professor of biophysics reported. – «There are traditional methods of earthquake forecast; there are alternative ones. Unfortunately, our Institute of Seismology often doesn’t want to hear what scientists from other organizations say. Every year we predict earthquakes in different regions of our country and even abroad. There have already been some cases where they simply refused to listen to us. We have an opportunity to send our data directly to the President or the Mayor. But it is Republican Interdepartmental Commission that informs population. They try to squeeze us out of this commission and refuse to listen to us. The closure and fear of responsibility are the main problems of seismology in Kazakhstan. The megalopolis can’t withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 8-10», Victor Inyushin believes. «When an earthquake’s epicentre is located right in the city, buildings just fall on one side», the scientist says. «In our opinion, the new buildings will collapse and the old ones will drop. As there are gas pipes everywhere, there will be numerous fires. Some people will die under debris, others will burn. The city will find itself in one huge traffic jam because of a large number of cars. Rescue teams from other cities will not be able to help. They simply will not get into impact zone – the roads will be blocked.

Wires and trees impede normal helicopter flights, and technical equipment we have is not enough for rescue operation. In idea, the specialists from other cities of Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries should come here and assist us. It takes at least 3-4 days to begin operation. Thousands of people under debris just can’t count on them for getting help. According to Viktor Inyushin, a rescue camp should be built near Almaty. And the place for it already exists. We have been talking about this for 15 years – a major rescue camp should be located in Kapshagai, Professor of Biophysics argues. Moreover, there is a need to build a dirigible station. Dozens of airships can be used both for people evacuation and clearing up the wreckage. Of course, it’s expensive and a little bit fantastic. But it is a question of saving thousands of human lives. If need be, the dirigibles will arrive in Almaty within an hour and take away at least elderly people and children» (It’s unbearable! Newspaper «Vremya», 22.11.2012).

The Heaven’s information about the last ravings of scientists: «Humanity, degraded in damage of Mars and Saturn’s tribe, may disappear not because of earthquakes. Predicting destruction and catastrophe in Almaty the monsters want to destroy the Centre of the Earth. No earthquake will ever be in Almaty. All things on Earth will change, the Matter has already been arranged by Me – nobody and no money, invested in nowhere, can change it. The scientists’ things are the last ravings given by the tribe of Mars and Saturn».

Hot spring as a sign from Above

That event took place in November in Eastern Kazakhstan. «A resident of Eastern Kazakhstan has solved the problem of heating in an original way! The point is that drinking water well on his plot has suddenly turned into a hot spring! Shocked villagers guess now what happened: since they could remember anything there has been only cold water. Dmitry Kenig, the inhabitant of Aiyrtau village, bought this plot last winter. All this time, the man says, there has been only cold water in the well, but the other day hot water flowed. People formed a queue to see the unusual source. By the way, the depth of the well is almost 30 mt and the water temperature rises day by day, villagers say. According to recent measurements, it has already reached 25 degrees. An expert group will come soon. They will take necessary samples of miracle water. Everything seems to indicate that there is underground radon source. Dmitry Kenig, the resident of Aiyrtau village of East-Kazakhstan region: «if the situation doesn’t change and hot water persists, I will lay steam heating to my house, I will do it and I will not heat the stove anymore». (Drinking water well on a plot of the Eastern Kazakhstan’s resident turned into a hot spring.

The Heaven’s information: «Because of the Saturn’s breath there has been damage in Eastern Kazakhstan, in Pavlodar city for 14 years – there has been the cold with snow in order to put out that damage. We have shown how much damaged the land of East-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Akmola regions. Even underground water boils because of this damage. In East Kazakhstan region not only hot water in the well will disappear, but also cold one. Hot water in the well is a signal that East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Akmola regions are the negative zone. Snow, storms and hot water in the well are to put out this negative zone. There is a way of dark energy action, a place of negative influence on My water, there is a path for dirty water from the Amu Darya river to worldwide – we will remove this way, the water in the well will disappear».

Waxwings are not needed in new life

Mass death of birds took place in Ust-Kamenogorsk. «Townspeople found dead waxwings on November 16 near the industrial zone of the regional centre. According to witnesses, the birds were lying under wilding apple trees. However, ornithologists have not yet been able to spot the reason for mass death of birds, reports The sport and fitness complex’s employees were the first to notice dead bodies of birds in the Stakhanov Street. The people raised the alarm and called ornithologists and other experts. «It’s possible that apples, eaten by birds, absorbed some harmful substances as there are an industrial area and busy road, – the Head of research and development department of the East Kazakhstan regional Museum of history, Sergei Starikov, reported. However, it is not the fact that birds have apples «poisoning». Maybe waxwings were dying also in other place, less crowded, and it was not noticed. It is possible that the same situation is in the countryside». Sergei Vasilyevich knows that recently there have been several cases of mass death of birds in Russia as well. Ornithologist believes that it may be caused by some infection. «I have not permitted myself to conclude anything – it is outside my competence – Sergey Starikov says. – I wouldn’t say definitely that it was caused by unfavourable environment. For example, four years ago, greenfinches were falling from cedars as well as waxwings are dying now. However, it occurred in the taiga of Katon-Karagai area – ecologically safe region».

The Heaven’s information: «They (waxwings) themselves poison anyone – these birds are not needed, their vital functions poison the earth, water resources, that is why they will vanish. Mass death of birds was caused not by apple poison or environmental conditions. It is Heaven that removes them – they will disappear. And lions are needed, they will remain. They will arrange a Matter – they will change. Lions will play with kids, lions are needed for children amusement».

Information about the Heaven’s work

«Lightning will flash and We remove by lightning those who are not needed. Lightning is the cleaning power of Heaven. Preparatory work has been carried out for 20 years on earth, underground, under oceans: there have been defined the ways of going away «old» water, oil, gas; the ways of disappearing mountains, unnecessary animals, plants etc. Now you will see the results of this work on Earth – these changes will occur without disasters in the silent tunel».

December 8, 2012

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