Earth Shocks Happen Only in the Subway

Kazakhstani bioenergetician and Higher Powers channeller Galiya Kerey is confident that Almaty is in no danger of earthquakes either now or in the distant future.

“Over the recent years there have been many earthquakes in Almaty. They have been ‘sewing up’ the tectonic fissures”, says Galiya Kerey. “Shallow ‘ripples’ of earth shocks attest that centers of seismic activity are being neutralized. If specialists create a new seismic map, they will see a completely different image, which is none of the old tectonic fissures”.

According to Galiya Kerey, the number of devastating earthquakes on the Earth will continue to decline steadily. In countries under the Heavenly Powers’ protection (that Kazakhstan is a part of) life will be calm. Countries with negative energy on the other hand will suffer from earthquakes, storms, floods, anomalous heat and cold.

On a related note, Galiya Kerey takes credit for ridding Almaty of… cockroaches. Moreover, she is confident that in the future insects will disappear as they are a manifestation of negative energy.

“Cockroaches started vanishing in Almaty in 2002, which is before the start of mass use of mobile communication”, comments Galiya Kerey. “In recent years it started happening to other types of insects: butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars, aphids, mosquitos, locusts and potato beetles. The days are numbered for insects, so are for some types of rodents, reptiles and birds”.


Source: National newspaper Express-K, author: Anna Goncharova


Translated by Aya Kerey

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