Miraculous Healing of Illnesses

Bioenergetician Galiya Kerey has been working with the information from the Heavenly Powers since 1992. This information channel has always existed on Earth, but due to various reasons it started to weaken, which led to the humanity not getting the information in its entirety from the Heavens’ worldly level, getting it from other levels instead.

Heavenly Powers’ Information for Salvation

Information from the Heavenly Powers itself is salvational, healing, capable of aiding in predicting the future and moving in the right direction not only for individuals and groups of people, but also for the humanity at large. That is why this information holds details concerning the future of some region or city, country or continent, Earth itself; details about negative zones or influence, saving humans both in literal and metaphorical sense, about bioenergetic work, about causes of illness and death and etc.

This information, if properly interpreted and understood, is a guide to life. It gives humans a clear picture of the future both at large and in particular, helps to consciously build their destiny in accordance with this information, comprehend their intended purpose. After all, a person without reliable information about themselves, their environment, future (and past), their country’s future will live in darkness, always guessing, blindly navigating through life, “following the flow”.

The most valuable in the Heavenly Powers’ information that contactee Galiya Kerey receives, is the real influence on natural, social, anthropogenic and other processes, on Kazakhstan’s, humanity’s and Earth’s life. Thanks to Galiya Kerey we are aware that the Higher Powers protect our planet and humanity from global disasters, decrease the danger level, open the paths for the new life and etc.

The Heavenly Powers’ information is especially relevant and valuable in our ‘transitional’ time, time of fall of old social laws, religious views, political institutions, change in people’s mentality and never seen before changes in climate. Now a principle of “living in accordance with the Heavens’ Laws” is coming into power instead of imperfect human laws and desires of “how we want to” of the powers that be. No matter how ‘all powerful’ a human is, he must know and accept that there are the laws of the Universe, the laws of the Heavenly Powers that stand above human laws. Meaning the laws of the Powers that exist separately from human civilization and influence its development.

In the course of decades and centuries ‘rulers’ of the humanity managed to hide many occurrences unexplainable by human civilization in order to justify their wars, crimes, murders and etc. There have been many signals, warnings and even obvious interferences from the Heavenly Powers, but many governments still do not pay attention to obvious signs of the Heavenly Powers’ presence in changing society’s life on Earth or still hide their interference.

Nowadays old-fashioned ‘ostrich’ position of the powers that be is coming to an end. Never seen before natural cataclysms ‘make’ governments of the developed countries pay attention to such changes and in turn change their own policy and attitude to Nature and society’s life and etc. 

Information mentioned above that sparks strong interest can be found in Galiya Kerey’s Book of the Moon about the New Model of Life (Almaty, 2004) and on www.Galiya.kz website. Nowadays we can see for ourselves the changes that are being carried out by the Heavenly Powers in Kazakhstan, Almaty and the whole world. For example, in the Book of Moon it is written that the Aral Sea will return to its coasts; ‘paradisal’ tropical climate will establish in Almaty; there will never be a devastating earthquake; there will be heavy rain in winter and etc.

Healing with the Heavenly Powers’ Help

One of the most visible miracles of Galiya Kerey’s work is the healing with the Heavenly Powers’ help. Of course, any healing of a person is individual. Therefore, it is better to speak from personal experience, which I wanted to tell you about.

Galiya Kerey’s healing is non-contact (no acupuncture, massage or etc.) and drugless. It is and energy cleansing of the human body that gets rid of causes of not only specific illnesses, but also other accompanying illnesses. This healing also bears spiritual and moral cleansing.  

We are used to the modern medicine with its analyses, shots, drugs, acupuncture, physiotherapy, operations and etc. Galiya Kerey, doctor by education, has none of it. However, you cannot designate Galiya Kerey’s healing as nonconventional folk medicine.

Once, Galiya Kerey noticed that modern medicine and doctors do not have a connection with the Heavenly Powers. Therefore, they are not treating the causes, only consequences, which is only temporary.

“In reality drugs have a negative effect on human health. All medical drugs metaphorically ‘trap’ people, meaning they ‘trick’ illness driving it deeper into the body and lessening the pain for some time”.

Before year 2016 I have been treated by Galiya Kerey several times, but at distance, meaning I did not make an appointment; just called and talked about my illness that following the healing has not bothered me anymore. Galiya Kerey rid my daughter of intracranial pressure that way.

This autumn something serious happened to me. It all started like this. 10 years ago, moving heavy loads, I may have hurt my spine and kidneys. Any physical activity led to strong pain in my waist as if ligaments had torn. At that time I was not acquainted with Galiya Kerey and was treated by healer Marina in Almaty, who after several acupuncture appointments alleviated the pain.

Understandably, since then I have been wary of heavy lifting and have even acquired a special elastic medical belt as sometimes such activities caused pain in waist area, but it disappeared with time. There were times when I felt heaviness in kidneys, though.

It should be noted that I have not gone to see the doctors either then or later. Therefore, I do not know the medical diagnosis.

This autumn, while moving furniture, I have once again injured my waist. The next day I felt better and tried moving furniture again. However, this time I succumbed to strong pain in the waist that would not alleviate and grew stronger with each passing day. Many small things in daily life – putting on socks, shoes, getting into a car and getting out of it, even getting up from a chair, getting of bed or sitting and lying back down, just walking and etc. – became a big problem, like I had become a frail old man or an invalid.

It seemed that I had a pinched nerve between vertebrae as any movement was accompanied by sharp pain.

Things came to such a pitch that I caught sleep in bits and pieces, woke up several times to change position or roll over, which caused horrible pain. If in the first days there was hope that the illness will ‘vanish’ by itself, over the next days I started losing hope, and after 5 days of agony I asked Galiya Kerey for help.

Miracle or Second Birth

Despite being busy, Galiya Kerey agreed to meet me. Peculiarity of the treatment is that during the appointment information from the Heavenly Powers about Galiya Kerey’s work, patient’s past and present life, his family and acquaintances, causes of the illness and its energy links and ways of resolving the crisis is being received.

After the information healing the energy cleansing of the patient follows during which it is necessary to sit with eyes closed. During the cleansing changes in one’s body are physically tangible. For example, in the beginning I was tense and sat leaning on the chair with my arms to ease the load off my waist, before cleansing I started sitting more freely with hands in my lap. During the session I clearly felt how the pain lessened, how lightness returned to my body as if a faint breeze flew around in my body.

When I rose from the chair after the healing session ended, I have not felt any heaviness or pain in the waist. It is not like I started running from the get go, but I was able to walk easier and more freely. It was an indescribable feeling of being free from physical heaviness and pain! It felt like I re-learned how to walk, do fast movements, and after a week to lift heavy things and run along the street. It was like second birth! Oh, it was a miracle! The same night I was able to sleep undisturbed for the first time in days without waking up from pain! In the morning I called Galiya Kerey and thanked her with my whole heart and called her healing a miracle. The next day I went to buy groceries. In the next 10 days I fully recovered (I have still felt some pain in the waist before).

By the end of the month after healing I noticed that I felt much better than before the above mentioned illness. Stomach and bowels started working better, head ached much less, all in all my working performance improved, and I did not have former heaviness in kidneys when lighting heavy things.

When I told Galiya Kerey about the changes, the famous bioenergetician answered:

“It should have been expected as you inner organs have not been in their right places all upside down. When the Heavenly Powers put them back in place, naturally your organs started working better, overall health and blood flow improved because of which headaches lessened and etc.”

In other words, it was an all-out healing of the whole body.

On this website in ‘Reviews’ section there is a description of a miraculous non-invasive appendix removal!

This is how Amir describes it:

“I came to an appointment during which the Heavenly Powers carried out a saving appendix removal without any anesthesia, drugs or surgical intervention through Galiya Kerey. The healing took approximately 30 minutes. I sat with my eyes closed and felt how the Heavenly Powers’ energy flowed through me, how an invisible hand carefully and painlessly cut off the blackened appendix with an energy scalpel. I saw all this in my head while fully conscious. At some moment I felt how on an energy level something dark and around 10-12 cm long resembling a worm came out of my upper back and vanished. The next moment I opened my eyes. A real miracle happened, how else can you explain appendix removal without hospitalization, anesthesia, antibiotics or surgical intervention? For the humanity it is akin to fiction, for the Heavenly Powers it is natural. At that moment I confirmed that the Heavenly Powers can do everything and there is no illness that cannot be cured.”

It is important to keep in mind that Galiya Kerey’s healing with the help of the Heavenly Powers is not just healing of the whole human body; it defines their place in public life, in Heaven’s work, original purpose, spiritual restoration and readiness for the new life.

Dastan Eldesov

01 January 2017


Translated by Aya Kerey

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