Three Suns rise and the Earth’s rotation stop (according to the Heaven)

The Seventh Lunar Era is coming. The Sun will turn dark suddenly in the middle of the day. Three suns – Omega, Neptune, Moon will rise instead. The Earth will stop rotating, there will not be any nights onwards. No autumn, no winter – only eternal spring will remain. “We will establish the slope towards the glaciers of Antarctica, oceans will be forced to follow this slope and will flow down to the “hell gate”. Instead of oceans, the God of Universe will bring back the initial earth with its people and culture from the parallel world.”

The battle field is people’s hearts

There are a lot of “breaths”, energetic influences, impacts from other planets, from different space levels, from different worlds on the Earth. Not only continents, countries, people, but every creature (animals, plants) has its own energy – positive, negative or neutral. Each of them has its own “breathes”, “tribes”, “support groups”; they have different characteristics – predominantly, they are negative.

These energetic powers are constantly intersecting, interfering, transforming, there is an endless “war” between them, addressing against bright energy of the Supreme Powers. In real life their appearance can transform in different hypostasis. To be honest, every human being is kind of conductor of this various energy. It has direct impact on people’s life, it generates different diseases and it follows him/her to death. There is a reason for the expressions people use, describing each other such as: “viper”, “angel”, “witch”, “vampire”, “satan”, “dog” etc. These evaluations distinguish even not a human being, but those who “sit” inside him/her.

Since the ancient times, human’s been considered as a container having soul “injected” in the moment of birth. It would be better to say, not a single “soul”, but “thousands of souls”. These so called “thousands of souls” used bring their own negative energetic “supplements”, subsequently, leading to the control and dominance of the dark powers over this human being. Dark powers made a program of physical degradation (death as well) of human’s body, creating so called “wind” in the organism by means of carbon dioxide, being also a reason for people’s overweight. Such needless body organs’ as appendix, glands, gall-bladder, pelvis, some glands are result of constant and continuous influence of dark powers. These organs are the origins of diseases, transporting poison through the whole body. They will disappear from the people of the Seventh Lunar Era.

If initially human had “fibers” (connections) with Supreme Powers from previous lives, but, subsequently, these connections were “cut off” by the dark powers and, consequently, under the circumstances human had been forced to go different way he/she was supposed to follow and deviate from his/ her mission to change his/her own and society’s life to the best due to the power of dark powers.

When death comes,”essence” or “being” of died person descends to the bottom, but “so called ruhs” (some energetic substance) remains on the earth. This energy of the death people do not vanish, but influences living people’s lives, again arising and rebirthing within them. Furthermore, under its impact people usually change – externally and internally. This is the reason for the fact that sometimes we hear that somebody’s behavior has undertook enormous change, the person has become strange behaving like an “alien” and been obsessed by devil etc. Those “essences” that are beneath the earth, also affect life: so the dead people rule alive ones. When archeologists dig in to ground and find ancient burials, they actually open the “paths” from the previous centuries with their energies, diseases. As a result there are outbreaks of the unexpected, already forgotten and unknown diseases all over the world.

Initially, Egypt pyramids were created with support of Supreme Powers for the positive influence on the mankind’s and planet’s life, but, since the time they were used as a tomb of pharaohs, pyramids had changed their energy to dark one and their function. Famous “Pharaoh’s Bane” that killed a lot of archeologists, scientists and people working inside tombs, were actually Supreme Powers’ punishment for the crack-brained intervention into the initial mission of the pyramids. All gold stuff, jewelry were infected with “poison” by Supreme Powers: “We will destroy pyramids and take the “sands” away – they are “winds” of the pyramids.” From now onwards, pyramids will undergo break-up and one day disappear like deserts.

The same picture we see with Great chinese wall. Build under supervision of the Supreme Powers and affecting like energetic fence of the continent, the wall had been used for different goals. It will be destroyed as well and vanish in the end. (Comment of the author: “By the way, recently, local destruction of the pyramids and the wall has been noticed.

From the Apocalypses to the Information Link

Supreme powers let people change the world to the best six times. Unfortunately, every time humanity did not “study previous lesson” ending with Flood or Global Planetary Clean-up. Survived people, that suffered from hard loss, diseases, hardships and misery, quickly forgot about global cataclysms, again betrayed the laws of Heaven and, eventually, turned back to the “laws of jungle”, “law of power”, wars, devastating people’s mind with false doctrines. As a result, Heaven’s path to the earth become closed, and, on the contrary, the “paths” from dark powers, from Saturn, Mars, and from the bottom – initially bright delegates that betrayed Supreme Powers, were opened.

Due to these reasons, the development of the earth civilization could have end up totally. It also has been promoted and by the religion feeding people with information about apocalypses, end of the humanity, even not mentioning the Maia calendar. In case of Apocalypses, “the Earth would become grey matter like a dark cloud, “ruhs” (energetic substances) would turn to the dark side and become evils. Oshak (The Moon) and mankind would never reappear again.”

Due to the collaborative work of the Supreme Powers with their conductor Galiya Kerey, the end of this world that could have been in the end of the XX century was cancelled. For the first time ever, the information from the Heaven started to be received in written form: Galiya Kerey have been writing all information in her note books. In consequence of this work, now, all paths from the Heaven were cleaned up, initial information link from the center of the Earth – Almaty city was established. Spread of the Supreme Powers’ information via Galiya Kerey, part of which was published on our website, also should be considered as the survival information from the apocalypses.

At the moment, Supreme Powers are sending “breathes” “paths” of the dark powers back to their origin, their “masters” and cut-off support “paths” of the dark world beneath the earth, cancel the influence of Saturn, Mars, depress and overwhelm black energy of the people etc. At the same time, Heaven is purifying from the negative energy countries, nations, people, having connections with Supreme Powers: “We will impose cleaning in My countries”. These are Kazakhstan – called Shanyrak (Top of the Yurt) – “head”, Australia – “kidney”, England – “limbs”, Brazil – “heart”, India – “liver”. Through their purification, we also treat (heal) people, cleaning and desalinating water, renewing blood in the organism of the people of the Seventh Lunar Era. We “sewed up”, adjusted equator (waist) and meridian (spinal column). In 2004 the plate was shifted, we “sewed up” the cracks on the meridian. There are also countries supported by the Heaven: Japan, Egypt and Palestine.

This energetic clean up on the human level has been shown as “strange deep sounds” of the Earth in these recent days. These sounds are the sounds of the leaving dark world, “agony of the monsters”. Also people can notice increase in the number of the UFO. Among them, there are also some from Supreme Powers: UFO around the sun (“My vehicle” depressing the sun), synchronic flying of the UFO above Fukushima atomic power station cleaning from radiation, UFO above nuclear and military objects controlling them. Also you can notice the disappearance of the unnecessary animals (including cats and dogs), plants, some so called “natural recourses”, water desalination, winter time reduction and a lot of other things all around the world. Field signs – are the “paths” of the leaving and fading dark world, “paths” from the nations of the Saturn, Mars. These signs have been there for ages, but, now, their support are being cut-off and depressed, so they just become more viewable and noticeable.

Tripple screen of refinement: Eden returns

“From now, onwards, only “elym” (nations, countries) of Moon will remain on the Earth”, including the nations from parallel world as well. Seventh Lunar Era arrives under the sign of “Think”. The blood of the Seventh Lunar Era’s people will renew and become figuratively saying blue colored. People with negative energy will die from the “old” red blood: asthma, heart attack, blood-stroke, cancer etc.

Becoming more frequent floods and future deluges – are Earth’s purification from the artificial and introduced lands (Mars, Saturn), from the reptiles, animals, from the everything negative, that weren’t presented initially, but, subsequently, appeared due to the work of the dark powers. Mountains’ glaciers, permafrost, glaciers of Antarctica and Arctic will melt. The ocean level will not rise because of glaciers’ melting. In initial world, oceans were not presented – so they will vanish in the future.

We will establish the slope towards Glacier” – of the Antarctica, oceans will go down following this slope, to the Antarctica, to the “gate of hell” and will disappear beneath. Entrance of the “dark world” is under the ice of South Pole – the place from which dark energy spreads all over the world. We adjusted the axis of the Earth to the slope. During the shaking and concussion Glacier will be destroyed, underwater volcano will explode it – ocean waters will go to the sea of the Cooperation Sea (this is the “path” “channel” with dark powers) and will flow down inside.Instead of the Glacier there will be not suitable for life three-layered land consisting of clay, silt, clay loam. This land will be forbidden to touch. It will close the gate of the dark world and dark energy will disappear.

The Planets’ purification will be in space as well. “Planets – are citadel of devils – will be thrown away to the black hole. We will throw away asteroids into the black hole as well. We will get rid of Mars, Saturn. All stars will vanish. Nibiru planet also will disappear – it could have imposed great damage coming close to the Earth. All meteors – they are not born “emder” (“breathes”) on the Earth. Everything that is unnecessary on the Earth will be forced into the black hole as well.

The sun takes energy from Mars, Saturn and spreads onto the Earth, but it has already been losing its energy of Mars and will fall down. Black matter and antimatter are needed to change the world. Magnetosphere – is the disease of the Earth, that attracts negative energy – will vanish. All magnet poles will disappear. Ionosphere will undergo changes. ISS (global space station) will break-up and fall down to the Pacific Ocean. Baikonur space port will be burned away.

Mountains – are the “breathes” of the dead planets, devils came from there. Mountains will disappear. Magnetic poles will vanish. All swamps, tundra, Baikal with rivers flowing out, Moskva-reka river, Don, Volga, Lena, Amudarya etc. Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea will vanish as well. Nile River will come to its place and restore. “We will save Japan as the origin of Benedict (Great Father of the Universe), Eastern Africa, especially Egypt (as the origin of the Mother of Benedict). We will save Palestine, as the “breath” of Jupiter.”

Great Creator, daughter of Omega (sun of Benedict), gives the information to the conductor Galiya Kerey and leads all the Protectors to change the Universe, shifting the whole mankind to the Seventh Lunar Era. Depending on her mission for the special periods, Great Creator had different names: Temirkazyk (Foundation), Ra, Femida, Ormek (Weaver, Knitter), Vedi, Nebesa.

“We will “depress” all religions, especially christian religion and islam, that invaded nation of Moon by initial paths from the previous lives from Saturn. Other religions are “seeds” of those two. We will “depress” churches and mosques. Religions destroy people’s mind, it have bad impact on humanity. Koran came from 8th life. Bible and Koran were written on oldrussian language from the planet of Saturn, and were rewritten in 9th life in russian language, some parts regarding men were erased, made men influence to be the main one.”.

Totally, there were 13 lives (current -13th), and every life dark powers invaded into new life. Now, Supreme Powers’ work, on initial world establishment without dark powers, is going on – this is principal purification. It can be compared to the previous ones – events will go back to their origin, towards reverse direction to the paradise climate’s establishment.

The sun will turn dark in the mid of the day and will fall asleep. Three Suns will rise: Omega, Neptune, Luna (Moon). The Earth will stop its rotation, there will not be any nights – time of dark powers. There will not be any autumn and winter – only eternal spring will remain. Benedict will bring back the land from the parallel world with its culture and people. “We will impose hymn to the Earth – impose gas, oil, water all over the world. We will arrange hardship to the Nord Stream pipeline.”

From the land of Gomel (parallel world) the Eden will come back to Almaty. New Lake called Tostagan (The Cup) will appear within the district of the Satpayev-Gagarin-Zhandosov-Rozybakiev Street, Kazkommerzbank should be moved from this area. We will “depress” stupid scientists. “Every project similar to the project of the nuclear fuel bank will not be performed.” ».

Dastan Eldesov

November 1, 2012

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